The women’s biker jacket from season to season becomes a desirable fashion item in the wardrobe. Can a leather jacket be called an established classic? Of course! After all, every second prefers to wear this stylish, sexy and bright element from time to time. The images with leather jackets should be just as bright and memorable, KALYAEV knows for sure!

Tender than tender

Who said that leather jackets must be black? In the coming season, pastel-colored leather jackets are in trend. For example, the color of pink powder. Such a jacket looks so feminine and gentle that it would never occur to wear it with anything other than a weightless airy dress. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the “marshmallow”: the combination of leather texture and flying fabric eliminates any hint of Barbie worship. Sweet, but not cloying! Experiment with color!

lady in black

Black attracts black, so the combination of a black leather jacket and a black dress is perfect. Thanks to this image, you can appear as a real fatal lady, where “lady” is the key word. It’s all about the details and context. If a dress, then midi or mini. If it is a leather jacket, then it must be shortened and wide open so as not to hide beautiful curves. A voluminous necklace with large stones will complete this look no less successfully than a mini-clutch with studs.

Suede story

A suede leather biker jacket is not just a hit of the season. This is a trend that every self-respecting stylish woman should pay attention to this year. Such a thing looks more elegant and expensive, so it would be a sin not to create an appropriate kit. For example, you can wear a suede leather jacket with a contrast top made of natural silk and cropped trousers that fit perfectly on the figure. Only stilettos on the legs.


Women are multifaceted and mysterious creatures, and therefore sometimes they want to “change the role” with the help of an outfit. So, one day you can be a real and tomboy boy: with collected hair, in a spacious leather jacket, in plaid woolen flared trousers and loafers. Attention: to be used only by self-confident creative individuals.

Things are waiting, but the leather jacket is not

Those who spend their time in the office or at negotiations from morning to evening will like the option of wearing leather jackets, which will not shake their business reputation. We are talking about a beige leather jacket with a stand-up collar, complemented by white trousers, a white top and nude pumps. In this image, no one will suspect that a woman goes somewhere else besides the office. However, no one bothers at the end of the working day to change boats for white sneakers and go for a walk with friends.


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