A fat wallet stuffed with a bundle of banknotes and specie is no longer in vogue. Skinny jeans replaced wide trousers, plastic cards replaced paper money, and now it was the turn of the “shovelers”. For many, a wallet is like a grandmother’s dowry chest. In addition to money, every little thing is stored in it: tickets, photos, checks, bonus cards, business cards.

Instead of trying to fit everything into one accessory, try to tidy up. Digitize business cards and photos, leave checks at home, throw away old tickets, save money on a bank card. As a result, there will be several cards left, and it’s easier to deal with them. For example, they can be hidden in the ZAVTRA ultra-thin wallet.

ZAVTRA did not appear yesterday. The idea arose in 2013, and it took a year to implement it. The wallet form factor was developed through a lot of trial and error in order to finally find the best option. We at Madrobots immediately decided not to follow the easy path, copying Chinese brands, and set about creating wallets from scratch. After evaluating foreign analogues and consulting with specialists, the creation of sketches and tests of samples began.

It just seems that creating wallets is a breeze. I fastened several pieces of treated leather with threads, posted the goods in an online store and in a week you are swimming in money. It’s not like that at all. In many foreign institutes, the development of a wallet is an exam for a novice designer. Not only knowledge in the field of art, materials science, but also the ability to promote your product in a competitive environment are tested.

If you go to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you’ll find hundreds of startups raising money for wallets. Therefore, they decided to promote ZAVTRA on the Russian crowdfunding site Boomstarter. It was a shot at two goals: attracting money and potential buyers. The result exceeded all expectations: the required amount was collected in 10 hours. The continuation of the campaign made it possible to purchase leather in other colors, to begin the development of patch purses and other accessories.

Why this backstory? Here it is important to understand that ZAVTRA was first of all created as the most convenient accessory for everyone. Many companies create a product, put it on the market and wait for a profit, regardless of customer feedback. We tested all samples on ourselves and our friends, rejecting unreliable materials and improving the design step by step. ZAVTRA, which we see today, is the result of a long and painstaking work on the bugs.

The ultra-thin wallet is slightly larger than a plastic card. It is convenient to hide it in the pocket of trousers, a jacket or carry it in the back pocket of jeans. Moreover, in the latter case, it is less likely to be noticed and pulled out in the crowd, compared to a standard wallet. The materials used are genuine leather, stitched with wear-resistant threads.

The age-old problem of thin wallets and cardholders is pocket stretching. Gradually, the thread tension becomes weaker, the skin stretches and the cards begin to fall out. This is influenced by the fatigue characteristics of materials. The design of ZAVTRA is thought out in such a way that the card compartment does not stretch even after years of use.

But not all establishments accept cards. In this case, you should have cash on hand. To do this, a leather clip is sewn on one of the sides of the wallet, which firmly holds the banknotes. They do not need to be bent 4 or more times. Exactly two. Fast and simple.

ZAVTRA is also a great gift. Don’t know what to give to a birthday man, friend, boss? Give a useful accessory. ZAVTRA wallets are durable, stylish design and highly practical, so the gift will last for many years.


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