A positive first impression is reinforced by an exquisite fragrance that embodies true masculinity, gives confidence in its attractiveness and impeccability.

Eau de toilette is chosen not only for its design, but also for the sound of its perfume composition. For Diavel, a sophisticated fragrance was selected that allows you to demonstrate the full strength of your character.

In men’s perfumes, notes of bergamot and apple come to the fore, which are interestingly intertwined with each other. The composition is enriched with cedar wood. As a result of this combination, an aroma that attracts a woman is obtained.

Characteristic features of the male fragrance

Men’s toilet water Diavel has a number of distinctive features that emphasize the originality and quality of perfume with pheromones.

  • Perfume demonstrates maximum durability, which is provided by natural additives. The absence of synthetic components in the composition allows them to be used for application to sensitive skin.
  • Expensive and exclusive packaging has been thought out, which gives a special personality to perfumes.
  • The special formula of the composition with the addition of oxytocin effectively affects the female subconscious.
  • A high concentration of high-quality pheromones is provided, which explains the effectiveness.
  • Men’s perfumes demonstrate excellent durability. The fragrance lasts up to 6 hours. As for the persistence of pheromones, it reaches 8 hours.

The manufacturer conducts careful control over each product. The formula of toilet water for men has been perfected, tested and then went on sale.

The unique formula of the perfume

At the heart of the perfect formula of toilet water for men are natural pheromones, which are its main highlight. Composed of:

  • Androstadienone
  • Androstenone
  • Androstenol
  • Oxytocin

Pheromones are combined with oxytocin, which further enhances their effect. Each of the components is able to influence the fair sex on a subconscious level. The unique combination has a positive effect on mood, helps to improve relationships.

Recommendations for the use of perfumes with pheromones

Men’s perfumes with pheromones should be used in the same way as traditional perfumes. It is recommended to spray them on clean skin. It is best to focus on the neck and wrist in this way. It is undesirable to apply fragrance to clothes. the composition is oily and may leave a mark.

Diavel by PHEROLAB brand – your attractive fragrance

PHEROLAB presents a collection of amazing fragrances, among which everyone will find the perfect option for themselves. Diavel will not leave indifferent men who are aimed at gaining self-confidence and getting attention from women. The powerful formula, boosted with oxytocin, does an excellent job of this task.

When buying Diavel eau de toilette for men from PHEROLAB, you can be sure of the high quality of workmanship and originality of the product. We took care of the perfect perfume composition and stylish design, thought through everything down to seemingly insignificant details, took into account all the feedback and wishes of our customers. Therefore, men’s perfume deservedly turned out to be among the leaders among the most attractive and effective fragrances.

Diavel is a wonderful gift that you can give yourself or a dear man even without a reason. It is a source of positive emotions, a bright addition to everyday life.


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