The English say: “My house is my castle.” We can rephrase this saying. In our interpretation, it will sound like this: “My house is my beauty workshop, where there must be a mesoscooter.”

What is a mesoscooter?

The Welss mesoscooter (dermaroller) is a compact device for mechanical massage of the deep layers of the skin. It is a roller with the finest needles made of surgical steel. Visually, the device looks like a small brush for styling hair.

What is the principle of operation of the mesoscooter?

Everything great is simple! The principle of operation of this device is also not intricate. The mesoscooter creates micro-holes in the epidermis, through which substances from care products (various serums and creams) enter the skin. Of course, the effectiveness of funds increases at times.

An injection is a microtrauma to which skin cells react in a certain way – they increase the production of collagen and elastin, and accelerate the healing process. Moreover, irritation of the skin with needles increases the flow of blood (and with it, nutrients) to its surface. Such enhanced nutrition improves skin color and turgor. Recall: turgor is a term that means the state of such skin characteristics as firmness, elasticity and fullness.

In other words, the efficiency of using the Welss Mesoscooter is due to two main features:

Stimulates collagen production to dramatically improve the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars. The needles pierce the skin to a very shallow depth, but this is enough to turn on the regeneration processes.

Provides much more effective absorption of creams, gels and oils when applied transdermally. Punctures from the needles of the mesoscooter become a kind of channels through which nutrients from the care products applied to the skin before the procedure penetrate into the dermis. It is important in the treatment of hair loss and cellulite reduction.

Why are Welss mesoscooters good?

Our apparatus:

➤ Incredibly effective. The device was created on the basis of the most modern technologies;

➤ Has more than a pleasant price. Come to our store and see for yourself;

➤ Easy to use. We paid special attention to the comfort of our clients: Welss devices are easy and pleasant to use at home;

➤ Has no side effects;

➤ Virtually no pain;

➤ Multifunctional and used to eliminate various kinds of skin and hair problems.

Also in our assortment there is a unique 4 in 1 mesoscooter with interchangeable nozzles – it is suitable for working out all problem areas. All you need to do is choose a nozzle and enjoy the result

What problems does the mesoscooter eliminate?


1. Scar removal, including acne scar removal/treatment. This effect is achieved by increasing the production of collagen and elastin, as well as improving metabolic processes.

2. Elimination/treatment of stretch marks. Replacing old collagen with new collagen helps smooth out scars.

3. Skin care for the appearance of age-related changes and the formation of wrinkles. The device will help smooth out fine wrinkles and make old ones less noticeable.

4. Cellulite treatment, cellulite reduction or removal. Elimination of characteristic tubercles occurs due to the reduction of neocollagenesis and improvement of blood circulation processes.

5. Treatment of hair loss, restoration of hairline. Hair follicles are reborn due to irritation of the scalp and increased nutrition with useful substances.

6. Correction of excessive pigmentation. Through the formed tubules, clarifying substances enter the depth where the pigment has accumulated, and gradually lead to its destruction.

How to use the mesoscooter?

1. Immerse the roller for 5-8 minutes in a sterilization container with an antiseptic solution.

2. Apply a suitable nourishing lotion/cream to the area where the roller will be used.

3. Roll the roller back and forth 4-5 times with the same speed and pressure, thus creating more micropores.

4. Roll the roller at least four times in four directions (over the area of ​​skin that needs to be treated).

5. After using the mesoscooter, apply a soothing mask or cream to the skin.

What should be remembered when using a mesoscooter?

1. Do not reuse the nozzle (without pre-treatment with an antiseptic solution).

2. The mesoscooter is a device for personal use, only one person should use one device.

3. Change the needles regularly – after 6-8 applications, the tip of the needle begins to become blunt and damage the skin.

4. Do not roll the mesoscooter longer than the specified time. If an allergic reaction occurs on the skin after application, consult your doctor.

5. Always keep the microneedle nozzle clean.

6. Keep the mesoscooter out of the reach of children.

Does the device have any contraindications?

Yes, but not very many. It is prohibited to use the device:

– with injured or inflamed skin (if you have scratches, wounds, etc.);

– with a number of skin diseases (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis), rosacea;

– with the accumulation of moles at the site of exposure;

– with rosacea;

– with fresh acne in the form of inflammation and acne;

– with herpes;

– with diabetes;

– during pregnancy and lactation;

– with a tendency to allergic reactions in the form of rashes on the skin;

– in case of oncological diseases of the skin.

How long can the mesoscooter be used?

You can carry out the procedures in a course: 1 time per week 6-8 sessions before replacing the needles.

Modifications. Mesoscooters Welss are presented in various modifications – 30, 50, 75 and 100. The difference lies in the length of the needles and, accordingly, the depth of penetration. When choosing a mesoscooter, you need to understand which area you will be processing: the thinner and more delicate the skin, the shorter the needle you will need.

Still do not believe that one compact device is capable of such “miracles”? Buy our device and see for yourself!


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