The Bradli sports mask is a one-stop solution for all outdoor enthusiasts who want to not only get a fashion accessory, but also protect their eyes as much as possible from bright sunlight, dust and sand. Quite often, such sports masks are called snowboard masks or cycling and motorsport goggles. Due to its versatility, the scope of such sports glasses is very wide – cycling over rough terrain (including sand), cross-country motorcycles, ATVs. Also, this mask is perfect for lovers of active winter recreation – skiing and snowboarding, for skiing. The model is interesting in that it can be used by both professional athletes and amateurs.

An important feature of Bradli sports glasses is that they can be in a variety of designs (you can choose a specific sports suit). The buyer has several options at his disposal: a black case with transparent glass – perfect for cycling or motorcycle riding; black body with purple glass, white body with gold glass, black body with chrome glass, red body with gold glass, black body with blue-violet glass, white body with purple glass, black body with gold glass and blue body with purple glass – traditional ski goggles that protect the eyes from bright sunlight, and they can also be used for riding motocross motorcycles or ATVs.

The design of Bradli snowboard goggles is designed so that the elastic lens can protect the athlete’s eyes as much as possible from snow, rain, dust, sand, as well as sun glare and ultraviolet rays. The company’s developers have provided a special ventilation system, thanks to which sports glasses do not fog up, and this is very important, as fogged lenses can cause an accident and, as a result, serious injury. When using masks with tinted glass, you can safely ski or snowboard, and not be afraid that a random sun glare will blind you at the wrong moment. Special attention deserves the fact that the glasses are designed to get the maximum possible vertical field of view.

An important feature of this model of moto and cycling glasses is that on their inner side there is a soft seal made of specially designed hypoallergenic foam rubber, which can instantly take the necessary shape and fit as tightly as possible to the face even at sub-zero temperatures. The seal allows the mask not only to fit snugly to the face, but also to effectively absorb sweat, preventing it from getting into the athlete’s eyes.

The presence of a double strap, which is adjustable and stretchable, allows you to use Bradil moto and cycling goggles with any helmets used when riding a motorcycle, snowboarding, skiing, and if desired, the mask can be worn without a helmet. Ski goggles due to the L/XL size are universal – not only men and women, but also teenagers can wear them confidently.


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