Dry skin ages faster, it is more susceptible to the development of inflammation, the appearance of mimic wrinkles. That is why cosmetologists pay special attention to moisturizing.

Mist is also called haze or spray. From English, this word is translated as fog. This quite accurately conveys the consistency of this tool.

Cosmeya body and face mist is the perfect combination of delicate fragrances and effective skin care.

Mists are contained in a bottle with dispensers that spray the substance in the form of microscopic particles, forming the finest effective moisturizing mist on the face.


  • Quickly moisturizes the skin to relieve the feeling of tightness, with constant use relieves peeling.
  • With rashes and small inflammations on the face, mists will help to slightly dry problem areas, fight swelling. When used on the face, a thin film is formed. It is not felt at all, but protects sensitive skin from germs and dust.
  • If the skin is prone to excessive secretion of sebum, which gives a greasy sheen, the haze will normalize the sebaceous glands and narrow the pores. The effect is especially visible in hot weather.
  • They can be used in a complex of anti-aging products, they reduce the depth of wrinkles, activate tissue regeneration.
  • Food. Due to the content of active ingredients, mists saturate the skin with vitamins and useful microelements.

    More information about the product can be found here: Cosmeya body and face mist


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