Lifting tapes – is a medical grade cosmetic product designed to provide an immediate skin tightening effect without surgery. Thanks to lifting strips, you can instantly and at home get rid of the effect of overhanging eyelids, chin, cheeks and tighten them in seconds. The tapes are hypoallergenic, invisible, easy to use, breathable and won’t harm your skin.

Kinesio tape for the face Kinesiology Tape Roll is an effective tool for tightening the oval of the face, smoothing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. Tapes have a pronounced lifting effect, relieve swelling, improve blood circulation and microcirculation in the tissues of the epidermis. Facial taping is a new eco-friendly trend in cosmetology. If you want to achieve face lifting and wrinkle smoothing without injections, this method is for you. The principle of operation of teips is based on the relaxation of the facial muscles, which allows you to eliminate spasms that lead to the formation of wrinkles. Tapes fix muscles in a relaxed state and improve blood circulation, normalize physiological processes and restore muscle tone. As a result of the course of taping, which ranges from 14 to 21 days, muscle memory is formed, as a result of which the muscles get used to being in a relaxed state, which naturally prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Ultra-thin and ultra-durable, moisture-wicking and non-tightening, made from premium organic long-staple cotton, tailored to the face and neck. Tapes are woven from a special movable fabric with a pattern that provides a constant tension even at rest, due to which a tightening effect is achieved. Applications from teips can be applied not only to the face, but also to problem areas on the body. Thus, taping helps to get rid of cellulite, correct the figure and improve posture.


5m x 5cm


Kinesio tape is an elastic tape that is used in sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness and intensive training. This is an effective tool in the prevention and treatment of muscle and ligament injuries, is an effective means of prevention and natural acceleration of the recovery and rehabilitation process. Allows you to lift the top layer of the skin at the micro level, helping to improve the natural blood and lymph flow. Does not limit the elasticity of skin and muscle tissue Creates additional pressure that stimulates nerve receptors and relieves pain.


  • The product can be glued to almost any area of ​​the body where discomfort is felt: it reduces external pressure on tissues and powerfully stimulates the recovery process, quickly reducing any discomfort.
  • Kinesio tape is a real salvation for expectant mothers: elastic fabric supports the stomach and relieves stress from the spine.
  • Tape the bruise and it will also disappear much faster.


Cut a piece of kinesio tape to the desired length. Apply according to the instructions provided. Kinesio tape can be wetted during water procedures, because. it dries quickly.


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