Health in motion – this is how Nordic walking can be described. It appeared thanks to Finnish skiers. These athletes did not miss training even in the summer, so they were actively involved in walking with ski poles. Thanks to this, they showed excellent results in competitions in the winter. A useful hobby quickly became widespread, due to its all-season and accessibility for people with different levels of training. Walking with special sticks has become a therapeutic sport because it helps to strengthen the heart, lungs, muscles and increases endurance.
Its benefits have been proven by scientists from different countries. Nordic walking better strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle, and increases lung capacity by more than 30% compared to traditional walking. It burns calories 1.5 times more efficiently and helps you lose weight faster.During such walking there is no impact load, it will not harm the joints, including when overweight. Relying on sticks reduces pressure not only on the hip joint and knees, but also on the foot.
Therapeutic walks help with diseases of the joints of the legs, improve posture, balance and coordination of movements. Nordic walking is included in the mandatory rehabilitation program after injuries of the spine and joints. This is a real salvation from insomnia, chronic pain in the neck, back, neuroses, bronchial asthma, Parkinson’s disease. It is also an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension.
Speaking of Nordic walking, we immediately think of special sticks. Without them, training loses its healing effect. Therefore, you need to choose from a proven and reliable brand. BRADEX products are of high quality, functionality and have a wide range. There are suitable models for both amateurs and experienced athletes.
Telescopic poles for Nordic walking “NORDIC STYLE”
Basic model that is suitable for all family members.
Carbon telescopic poles for Nordic walking “NORDIC STYLE PRO”
Lightweight and technological model of carbon poles with a reliable cork handle.
Poles for Nordic walking 2 sections “NORDIC STYLE II”
Advanced comfort model.
Poles for Nordic walking 3 sections “NORDIC STYLE III”
Advanced comfort model. Suitable for those who plan to take sticks with them on trips: they easily fold up and fit in a suitcase.


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