Today, TV racks have ceased to carry a purely utilitarian function – to support TV panels. The new models combine thoughtful functionality and impressive design. A special place among them is occupied by interior racks. In the Russian market, such models have just begun to appear, but have already gained popularity among designers and architects. Let’s talk about one of them.

ONKRON TS1220 is like an elegant easel. It makes me want to hang a picture on it. Despite external weightlessness, the stand securely holds panels with a diagonal of up to 65 inches and weighing up to 35 kg. It can be installed on most modern LCD, plasma and LED TVs. The metal parts of the bracket are made of durable steel, and the legs are made of tinted solid beech. The model is available in two shades – white and black. Such a stand will become a real decoration of the living room, modern office or art studio. The “light” model is great for Scandinavian interiors, while the “dark” one can support spaces that are more saturated in color.

The model has convincing maneuverability characteristics. The bracket allows you to change the height of the screen or rotate it 360°. This is convenient when you want to change where you watch TV. You can always easily move the rack to the right place – its weight does not exceed 6 kg. The model’s designers have provided a system for additional fixation of the bracket to the wall. This is in demand in those rooms where there is a risk of accidentally touching the rack. For example, in the play area. Thanks to the adhesive tape and special clips that are included in the package, you can easily and simply fix all the wires from the TV in the desired position. Your rack will keep a neat appearance regardless of the equipment installed on it. The ONKRON TS1220 Stand is more than just a stand. Let beauty into your home.


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