Pants for obese women are an integral part of the wardrobe of girls with a voluminous figure. Many women buy such clothes, as it makes it possible to look more elegant, slimmer, and hide certain flaws. To achieve a harmonious look, you need to choose the right style of trousers and learn how to combine them with other things.

Basic rules for choosing trousers for obese girls

Choosing the right plus size pants for women, owners of magnificent forms, you need to rely on three key points – simplicity, silhouette, sexuality. Many overweight girls are convinced that exclusively loose-fitting models will suit them. In fact, they only visually increase the volume, so you need to choose trousers according to your figure.

Deciding on the fabric

Transparent and light fabrics look attractive and tempting, but require a fairly unproblematic bottom figure. Shiny fabrics will add extra pounds as they reflect light. Women’s black trousers with an elastic band of large sizes have always transformed girls with voluminous shapes, but if the model is made of satin fabric, then there will be a completely different result.

Models made of matte fabric add harmony, visually remove volume. The most unfortunate option is fabrics of light shades with a sheen. In such trousers, all the flaws of the figure will become even more obvious, they are only suitable for a hassle-free bottom.

The most comfortable pants for curvy women are made of thick, smooth knitwear or jersey.

Which shade is better

Dark shades have always been suitable for overweight women. They transform the figure, make it slimmer and more attractive. However, one should not look only at black clothes. Pants are perfect for classic women’s pants in large sizes burgundy, gray, dark green. You need to be careful when choosing fabrics of different colors. Certain colors can only give volume, but this is appropriate if you need to balance the figure.

Popular models of trousers for obese women

Designers of the Artessa brand offer women a wide variety of solutions. Thanks to this, any fashionista will be able to buy suitable trousers for herself, which will emphasize all the pluses of the figure.

  • Trousers are female classical of the big sizes. Trousers made in a traditional style are perfect for women of fashion with full legs. Models with arrows favorably hide fullness, make the figure much slimmer.
  • Culottes are female for full. The perfect solution for every day. Even on very warm days, they are comfortable and comfortable. With their help, it turns out, to hide almost all the flaws of the figure.
  • Banana pants for women. without a doubt, one of the most popular models. They look stylish and fit almost any body type. The trousers are slightly loose at the hips and taper towards the bottom. Thanks to this, lightness, harmony appear.
  • Trousers are female wide. Well suited for overweight women. They fit perfectly and allow you to create a sophisticated silhouette. Experts advise choosing models from plain fabric. They look great in any outfit.
  • Trousers are female summer, shortened. In combination with elegant high-heeled shoes, they add harmony and attractiveness. This year’s real trend.
  • We select trousers according to the figure

    Each figure has its own flaws, so it is extremely important to accurately determine the style of the trousers in order to look stylish and attractive:

    • Women of fashion with full hips and a small waist are recommended to buy trousers with a wide belt, women’s classic trousers with a high fit. Such models make the figure more proportional.
  • Tall girls may well purchase women’s wide trousers. At the same time, it is better to minimize the number of decorative elements. For example article WB 10629483
  • Owners of voluminous shoulders and small hips can use any trousers. So, flared ones will allow you to focus on the legs, women’s classic straight trousers – on the waistline. For example article WB 34070511
  • For women with a bulky waist, straight trousers are perfect, but only with a high waist. In this case, it will turn out to hide the bulging belly. Pants with arrows will add harmony. For example article WB 51359253
  • Women of fashion with an impressive bust and wide hips should choose straight trousers. Skinny models will look bad.
  • Why people prefer to buy Artessa pants

    Our brand is a real find for obese women. We follow all the trends in the fashion world and offer the most stylish and trendy clothes in plus sizes. In the Pants section, there are many models of trousers for full girls:

    If necessary, our managers will be happy to tell you about new products, as well as help you choose the right model. We are waiting for your questions about the product. Best regards, Artesa team.


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