Pearls are undeniably the epitome of elegance. Jewelry with pearls harmoniously fit into different styles and in recent years are considered especially relevant.

However, not only the beauty of pearls attracted people, since ancient times, various healing properties have been attributed to pearls.

According to legend, the beautiful Cleopatra generously adorned herself with pearl placers and drank the miraculous elixir with pearls every day. According to one version, the beads were ground into powder, according to another, they were dissolved in vinegar. The resulting remedy was diluted in pomegranate juice or the milk of young donkeys.

It is quite interesting that a similar recipe is used by modern

cosmetic firms. Finely dispersed pearl powder is the basis of various udode products and decorative cosmetics.

It’s all about pearls:

  • aragonite (natural chalk) provides a masking effect,
  • conchiolin is a protein containing 22 amino acids. This substance accelerates metabolic processes in cells, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, on which the freshness, velvety, and youthfulness of the skin depends. Conchiolin also promotes the production of melanin in cells, which prevents the appearance of age spots and freckles.
  • a complex of useful substances: vitamins D and B, zinc, magnesium, copper and other trace elements (18 varieties in total). Even in such a small amount, they are able to help the epidermis to counteract the negative influence of the external environment.

Even wearing pearl jewelry can have a positive effect on health and beauty.

Pearl jewelry is not only stunningly beautiful, but also healthy! Pearls stabilize the nervous system, calm the nerves and give positive emotions.

DreamArt jewelry is only natural stones and pearls in stylish, up-to-date forms.


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