Ensuring conditions for a comfortable and healthy sleep is, first of all, the right choice of bedding. What points need to be taken into account, what to pay attention to, what modern solutions are offered to us by manufacturers of pillows and blankets..

Pillow selection

For a pillow, first of all, such a parameter as elasticity is important. If a person is used to sleeping on his side, the pillow should be elastic enough so that the cervical spine is maintained in a comfortable position. For sleeping on your back, a pillow with less elasticity is suitable. A person who is used to sleeping on his stomach will need a pillow that is not high, very soft, which will provide proper head support and allow you to breathe freely.

Blanket selection

Two parameters are important for a blanket – the ability to retain heat (it is customary to distinguish between winter, demi-season and summer blankets) and its weight. Ideally, the blanket should be so light that a person hardly feels its weight.

The general requirement is the ability of pillows and blankets to keep the sleeping person’s body dry, prevent overheating, create a feeling of a warm breathing cloud surrounding the sleeping person.

Modern materials

With the advent and development of new technologies, innovative materials appear that are successfully used in the production of bedding. Let’s take a look at the most interesting…

Filler “Swan down”

This filler is successfully used in the manufacture of pillows and blankets. It must be said right away that this filler is an artificial material. Natural swan down can be collected in very small quantities; its use as a filler on an industrial scale is unreasonably expensive. Artificial filler “Swan Down” is the thinnest polymer fiber coated with silicone. Such material does not roll down, does not form lumps, allows to maintain the given elasticity and shape of the product. Artificial “Swan’s down” is absolutely not suitable for the habitat of any parasitic insects (bed mites, etc.), due to which it has hypoallergenic properties, which, by the way, no natural filler can boast of.

Silver plated fabric

Pillow and blanket covers are made from innovative cotton fabric coated with silver ions. Products made from such fabrics have antibacterial, antiseptic properties, do not accumulate charges of static electricity on their surface.

The widest range of bedding accessories and related products is presented on the market. meeting a wide range of consumer needs. The task of the buyer is to clearly define his requirements for a future purchase and reasonably correlate the price and quality of the goods offered.


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