It’s no secret that children love to create – to paint, draw, mix paints and use different surfaces to create their masterpieces. A selection of interesting applications for smartphones will allow parents to move their children’s attention from wallpaper and furniture upholstery to exciting programs in the smartphone. With them, the child will not only not get bored, but also develop their talents!

“Coloring for children – easy children’s drawings”

This application will be a great start for the development of the creative abilities of the baby. The coloring pages here are really easy: the child will just need to color the presented drawings using a variety of tools. You can fill the pictures with color using pencils, felt-tip pens, sprays, and in the process you can use backgrounds and effects for additional decoration.

All coloring pages are divided into thematic blocks, so the child can choose what he likes: dinosaurs, animals, the underwater world, dolls and music.

Price: free, in-app purchases from 75 to 250 rubles.

Fits: for Android and iOS

“Learning to draw (For children)”

A simple children’s drawing game with the most simplified interface. Here you can find more than 40 different sample drawings, according to which you can finish building your own masterpieces. A large selection of bright colors will provide the child with many opportunities for imagination. Drawings can be animated – view each stage of its creation using the play button!

Price: is free

Fits: for android

“Fluid Simulation – a creative dose of fluids”

A beautiful application that will help the child to expand the perception of textures and shades. Just move your finger across the screen and you will be able to create amazing waves and color transitions that imitate flows of water, gas and flames. You can just come up with interesting patterns and enjoy how one shade flows into another. Real magic!

Price: 69 rub. for Android, free for iOS

Fits: for Android and iOS

“Stick figure: how to draw step by step”

An application with a huge selection of step-by-step drawings, ranging from animals and household items (pencil, milk carton, soda glass) to fabulous unicorns. The interface is very convenient and easy, so the application will appeal to children aged 3+. You can draw both on the phone screen and on a piece of paper, just focusing on each subsequent step. Ideal for developing primary drawing skills and developing imagination.

Price: is free

Fits: for android

“Pottery Master – relaxing ceramic art”

An interesting relaxing game that will capture children’s attention. In front of the artist player is an earthenware vessel that needs to be decorated and painted. The child himself will be able to choose the color shade of clay, the texture of dishes, painting and use different tools to decorate his masterpiece. A great creative app for kids who are always interested in trying something new.

Price: free, in-app purchases from 75 to 3190 rubles.

Fits: for android

“No.Pix – coloring by numbers”

A popular coloring game for creative meditation lovers. The application contains a lot of interesting pictures that need to be filled with color according to the fragment number. The paintings are divided into several categories: landscapes, cartoons, cars, flowers, animals and others. They can be zoomed in and out in order to notice unfilled cells in time.

With the help of this game, the child will be able to have fun or just change the type of activity in order to have a good rest.

Price: is free

Fits: for android

“Coloring Toons Kids”

A simple and fun app for little coloring lovers. With bright drawings, the heroes really come to life! And there are a lot of them here – and all these are the characters of your favorite cartoons. The child will not only decorate the selected image, but also do it to the very end, since the application shows the percentage of completion of the task. As you progress, more and more new coloring pages will open. By the way, especially for parents, the application contains an indicator that will determine which color the child uses most often.

Price: 229 rub.

Fits: for iOS

“How to Draw Cute Animals”

Giraffe or panda? Rabbit or pug? Owl or lovebirds? The child will learn to draw them all if he uses this application. Simple instructions for the little ones will allow the kid to fill his hand and depict his favorite animals. Draw an animal too fast? You can use a different level of difficulty – for advanced young artists.

Price: is free

Fits: for android

“Draw Your Game”

This is a creative game for kids aged 3+ who have the makings of a creative mind. The essence is simple – you need to combine the knowledge of drawing, logic and construction to create your own game! Only four colors – black, green, red and blue. However, each of them performs its own function. For example, from game elements drawn in green, the character will bounce. But red is the color of destruction!

It will be incredibly interesting for the child to first design his own world, and then test his own skills as a developer himself.

Price: free, in-app purchases from 50 to 329 rubles.

Fits: for Android and iOS

“Mixing colors is child’s play”

Creative game with learning elements for preschoolers. In the story, an adorable panda named Myumyu runs away from a mischievous mouse who wants to get her delicious candy. However, the panda is not so simple! She mixes the ingredients, gets candies of different colors and tastes, and acquires different abilities, thanks to which she hides from the annoying pursuer.

The application contains many tasks for little dreamers: mixing bottles of different colors, coloring in fragments, choosing the perfect shade and others.

Price: is free

Fits: for Android and iOS


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