Quite often, babies are born as a result of a caesarean section. Therefore, for some women, the period after childbirth is associated not only with problems in restoring the figure, but also with prolonged healing of postoperative sutures.

A universal tool for solving both issues is the postpartum bandage-belt Hunny Mummy – a wide elastic corset that tightly fits the entire abdomen to the hips. Its important features:

– excludes the possibility of divergence of postoperative sutures;

– contributes to the formation of the correct scar in a shorter time than without the use of a bandage;

– reduces the risk of internal hernias;

– tightens and improves skin tone;

– helps to reduce the size of the waist;

– reduces the load on the spine;

– Velcro fastener allows you to independently adjust the degree of tightening;

– elastic material that does not prevent the skin from “breathing”.

Wearing a postpartum bandage-belt is a recommendation. But the experience of many women proves the effectiveness of its action, both aesthetically and medically.

Hunny Mummy takes great care of your beauty and health. Therefore, choosing a bandage belt of this brand, you can be sure of the quality of the product, its safety and usefulness.

It’s good to be pregnant!


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