Pimples can ruin even the prettiest face. Starting with a slight redness, they quickly turn into comedones, cause itching, soreness and bad mood. But problematic skin is not a sentence. Regular intensive care can eliminate all unpleasant manifestations and return her condition to the absolute norm.

Introducing ARAVIA Laboratories’ Anti-Acne SOS Gel Top Spot Cream for acne-prone skin. It not only eliminates external symptoms, but fights the very cause of acne – pathogenic bacteria. SOS-remedy quickly improves the appearance of the skin, reduces the appearance of acne at all stages of development, eliminates rashes and blackheads, removes post-acne traces, and has a calming effect.


Acne & Blackhead Cream comes in a 20ml soft plastic tube. Under the lid there is a narrow spout that provides economical consumption. The function of the outer packaging is performed by a cardboard box. The design is designed in the colors of the series for problem skin – light green and white. The compactness of the packaging allows you to carry the cream with you and use it as needed during the day.


The anti-acne product has a light texture of light beige, flesh-colored. It is instantly absorbed, leaving no traces and unpleasant sensations. The aroma of the product is a combination of calendula, chamomile, green tea, celandine and licorice root. There are no fragrances included.


ARAVIA Laboratories Anti-Acne SOS GEL cream-gel spot application against acne is intended for local use on problem areas of the skin. It significantly reduces the severity of acne, eliminates itching and redness, soothes irritated skin. The product has a quick effective effect on all stages of acne. Eliminates black spots, fights pathogenic bacteria, removes traces of post-acne.

The basis of the unique formula active ingredients:

  • azelaic acid has an antibacterial effect, reduces the production of fatty acids, deeply cleanses the pores and relieves inflammation, prevents the appearance of pigmentation;
  • phytoactive anti-acne complex saturates the skin with vitamins and minerals, strengthens its immunity and stimulates recovery;
  • allantoin accelerates healing and enhances the barrier functions of the skin, promotes exfoliation of keratinized scales and division of new cells. Cleanses pores and has a softening effect, has antioxidant properties and slows down the aging process.


Cream-gel with azelaic acid is intended for home care. Apply a little of the product to problem areas of previously cleansed skin. If necessary, use the product several times a day.


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