The line of anti-aging products from Zeitun Premium with the magnificent name SAIDA (Arabic – Madam) has been pleasing customers for several years and does not lose its relevance for a carat. No wonder, because the compositions are based on 24K colloidal gold, and gold has been the most precious and effective component of youth programs since ancient times. The main advantage of gold in anti-age cosmetics is not only luxury and elitism, but, first of all, its ability to rid cells of free radicals, and in return deliver oxygen and beneficial nutrients necessary for healthy functioning and active skin regeneration. The compositions of SAIDA products are well-thought-out formulas that resume the processes of natural rejuvenation, restore firmness and elasticity of the skin, and return it to a healthy, even tone. Who else doubts that age is just a number?

Revitalizing Cleansing Gel with gold, Indian frankincense and succinic acid provides a delicate and deep cleansing of the skin from daily impurities, leaving it soft and fresh, and also contains a unique natural anti-age complex.

Precious Purifying oil for mature skin with argan, sea buckthorn and peach:
• easily and completely removes even waterproof make-up, dust and dirt;
• comprehensively rejuvenates, promotes cell renewal and wrinkle reduction;
• intensively nourishes, softens, protects against tightness and dryness.

Tonic with gold and hyaluronic acid acts immediately in 4 directions:
• instantly restores the skin after basic cleansing;
• deeply moisturizes, fixing moisture in the cells and reducing wrinkles;
• stimulates the natural production of collagen, improves elasticity;
• Removes make-up, dirt and soap residue.

The unique formula of natural lifting essences with gold, hyaluronic acid and biopolymer – this is an instant non-injection rejuvenation of your skin and an intensive visible correction of age signs for 8-12 hours.

Anti-aging day cream for mature skin with gold and oils provides instant lifting and hydration, smoothes and literally “fills” wrinkles. Thanks to light-reflecting particles, the product instantly makes the face flawless, radiant and youthful.

A rich anti-aging nighttime rejuvenating balm with gold and oils actively works on the youthfulness of your skin while you sleep: active ingredients penetrate deep into resting cells and start natural regeneration processes in them so that you wake up in the morning with a rested, smooth and radiant face.

Discover the secret to a fresh, youthful look with Eye Concentrate with ultra-rejuvenating peptide SYN-AKE, 24K gold and argan oil works simultaneously for instant results and daily prevention of aging.

Overnight anti-aging oil elixir with particles of 24 carat gold provides the perfect transformative treatment for aging skin based on 100% natural oils.

Active complex of natural oils for the area around the eyes designed for intensive visible rejuvenation, active nutrition and hydration of the most delicate area of ​​the skin.


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