Dry skin ages faster, it is more susceptible to the development of inflammation, the appearance of mimic wrinkles. That is why cosmetologists pay special attention to moisturizing.

For this, a lot of products, creams, masks are produced, but they all require preliminary skin cleansing procedures. Quite another matter, Mr. Let’s analyze what this tool is, how to use it and why you need a Cosmeya mist spray.

Mist is also called haze or spray. From English, this word is translated as fog. This quite accurately conveys the consistency of this tool. Mists are contained in a bottle with dispensers that spray the substance in the form of microscopic particles, forming the finest effective moisturizing mist on the face.

You can use the mist for any skin type. Best of all, of course, it is suitable for dry. The haze quickly moisturizes, nourishes and saturates with microelements. For dry skin, this remedy is indispensable.

Mists are also needed for the care of oily skin. They allow you to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and narrow the pores, remove oily sheen.


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