Proper care does not take much time. It becomes part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth or drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The main thing here is to have a good assistant in the form of high-quality and simple tools.

You don’t need a whole arsenal of cosmetics! Removers (liquid cuticle remover), varnishes, coatings, gels and ointments, a variety of scissors, nippers and tweezers … Any lady will feel dizzy because of such an abundance of funds.

There is a very simple, effective and easy to use alternativewhich has already conquered many women!

Set for unedged manicure of the English brand Royal Tools.

Includes 6 accessories.

Royal Tools are royal-level manicure and pedicure supplies for everyone. Elite steel produced in one of the best factories in the world, build quality that guarantees many years of flawless work, and an amazing effect from the application. The motto of the company – Quality Never Compromised (Quality without compromise) – embodies the long-term policy of the company.

This is the best thing for unedged manicure and handle care between visits to the master!

A clear system of 5 steps, works only with dry skin, without injuring living tissue, nourishes and strengthens the nail and cuticle. Perfect!

Step 1: Magic Double Ended Cuticle File.

We remove all dry skin from the cuticle, hangnails, corns.

This is an innovative tool. No more removers and traumatic wire cutters! You can easily remove rough skin, dry cuticle around the nail (without circumcision).


– slowing down the subsequent growth of the cuticle and reducing the frequency of procedures
– fast skin removal due to the special mineral surface
– the presence of plastic limiters on the side edges, excluding damage to the painted marigold

It does not affect living tissues, preserves the tenderness of the side ridges of the plates, unlike the usual trimmed manicure. The tool has a special surface and does not require preliminary soaking of hands before processing.

Step 2: A pencil with a ceramic tip.

Without strong pressure, carefully remove the lower cuticle and film at the base of the nail.

After processing the cuticle with a nail file, you need to remove the remaining film and
cuticle at the base of the nail. Although the pencil is hard, ceramic, it does not scratch the nail itself, even if gel polish is applied.

Impregnated with natural oils to soften and moisturize the cuticle, nourish the nail (but not oily to the touch!)

The ceramic pencil provides skin and nail care with natural oils and keratin. The porous ceramic material used to make the tip gently treats the target surface, allowing useful substances to pass through easily.

It can be used not only for pedicure, but also for manicure. Constant use of this product gives softness and elasticity to the cuticle, slows down its growth.

Step 3: Mineral cuticle pencil with hyaluronic acid.

Double-sided nail file with steel micro-blades accurately cuts the nail and seals it.

This unique nail file cannot be compared with conventional abrasives!
In addition to the fact that it easily shapes, the nail file also collects all the layers of the nail into one, sealing the edge! As a result, you get a smooth and shiny edge of the nail that does not cling to tights and other delicate fabrics!

The edge of the nail becomes smooth and shiny like a glass, so that the nail is less susceptible to the penetration of moisture, which washes out beneficial substances. With constant use of such a nail file, the nails stop breaking and exfoliating.

I always take a nail file with me. Thanks to the cover, I calmly put it in my purse, knowing that the fabric will not be damaged.

Step 4: double-sided sealing file.

A 21st century solution, a sealing file that can work in all directions!
The nail file is made using an innovative technology: a thousand steel micro-blades accurately cut off the edge of the nail.

The impact of a nail file with a sealing effect is reduced to combining all layers of the nail into one, sealing its edge.

one side of the tool is sharper, quickly removes the length and seals the edge of the nail;
the second side has a smoother surface that corrects the shape of the nail and seals its edge perfectly.
When using conventional nail files, an uneven cut with damaged edges is often formed, since the nail files are abrasive and fray the edge. When using this nail file, you get a smooth and glassy edge of the nail that does not cling to tights and other delicate fabrics.

As a result, the nail plate is additionally protected from moisture and chemicals that wash out most of the necessary substances from it.
With regular use of a nail file with a sealing effect, the nails stop exfoliating.

Step 5: polishing, magic shine.

One of the most gentle polishes in the world is the double-sided Magic Shiner, which gives the nails the effect of polishing.

Carefully cleaning the nail with polishing, you erase the dead cells of the upper layer without affecting the lower living layers – the nail “breathes”, it begins to shine due to its own oils.

▪️Protects plates from chemicals
▪️Gives nails the effect of varnishing
▪️The effect lasts up to 5 days
▪️Creates an attractive shine and a healthy pink color

No problems with manicure!

It takes about 10-15 minutes for all 5 steps of a home manicure. Just what we modern busy women need. Professional and easy!

For those who love themselves and know the value of the beauty of a lady, the set will become a favorite “thing” in personal care! Checked!


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