Taking care of sensitive skin is not an easy task. Of particular difficulty is the prevention of the appearance of the first signs of age-related changes. Pharmaceutical cosmetics that can provide a powerful antioxidant effect and protect the skin from oxidative stress will help to resolve the issue.

Heightened sensations

Cosmetologists and dermatologists are increasingly faced with complaints of increased skin sensitivity. According to various sources, almost 50% of the adult population makes such complaints, most of which are women1.

Although the concept of “sensitive skin” has been known since 1977, the exact causes of its occurrence are still unknown to science. Scientists believe that the phenomenon of sensitive skin is associated with impaired barrier function and increased vascular reactivity2.

As a rule, owners of sensitive facial skin complain of a tingling, burning and itching sensation. Symptoms occur under the influence of trigger factors:

Exogenous (hard or cold water, chaotic use of cosmetics);

endogenous (stress, spicy and hot food, strong coffee, tea, hormonal fluctuations).

Most often, hypersensitivity of the skin is observed from 18 to 50 years. Over the years, due to a decrease in the density of the nerve structures of the skin, it decreases.

Conscious Care

Dermatologists strongly recommend choosing care formulas that have been developed taking into account the needs and characteristics of sensitive skin. To avoid the early manifestation of age-related changes, such skin must be carefully protected from the sun, ensure the timely supply of nutrients and vitamin support. For this, products that have a well-thought-out composition are suitable, and their components act in synergy, providing a complex beneficial effect.

For example, you can pay attention to the new antioxidant vitamin cosmetics for young sensitive skin (25+) 8.1.8 BEAUTY FORMULA.

Such cosmetics are based on 8 active ingredients: vitamin C, E, B vitamins, thermal water, bakuchiol (vegetable vitamin A), artichoke and watercress sprout extracts, iris and grape seed extracts, and coconut oil. The composition has a powerful antioxidant effect, helps protect the skin from oxidative stress and helps in the prevention of fine and deep wrinkles.

Cosmetics include:

A light antioxidant day cream with sun protection (SPF 10) that can be used as a moisturizer and make-up base;

night cream-antioxidant to prevent premature aging;

A firming antioxidant eye cream to correct signs of fatigue.

The main beauty products also complement the intensive care products: a moisturizing antioxidant mask with grape seed oil and shea butter and an antioxidant repair cream with a vitamin complex for dry skin of the hands.

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