The secret of youth for many stars who manage to maintain their beauty without the help of plastic surgeons lies in the use of ice in their skin care. This is a time-tested method that has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Against this background, special beauty spheres designed for freezing cosmetic ice have received wide demand. We invite you to get to know the KARAMBOLA ice massager, which impresses with its stylish design, high-quality workmanship and incredible comfort of use.

What is an ice beauty sphere

Ice beauty sphere KARAMBOLA is a real trend that really works. It is presented in the form of a small-sized form of environmentally friendly material. It consists of two parts – a water bowl and a tight lid. Designed for reusable use, unlike disposable masks and patches, which promise us a similar effect.

The benefits of ice massage with a massage ball are explained by the short-term effect of cold on the skin. Thanks to him, the pores are actively narrowed, after which vasodilation is observed. This effect provides an acceleration of metabolic processes by improving peripheral circulation. Additionally, the effect of cosmetics that are applied after the cryotherapy is enhanced.

What gives regular use of the KARAMBOLA massager

The cryosphere is distinguished by its complex action. With regular care procedures, you can achieve the following results:

Morning swellings go away.

Solves the problem of muscle tension.

· Thickens thin skin, has a tightening effect.

Has a calming effect.

Reduces the appearance of inflammation and redness.

Pleasantly cools and tones.

Fans of cryotherapy note a decrease in stress levels and relief of headaches after using an ice ball.

How to use an ice ball for the beauty and health of the skin

Cooling massager KARAMBOLA is designed for multiple use. Its use causes absolutely no difficulties. It is enough to follow a simple algorithm of actions.

Before starting the procedure, it is important to prepare a beauty sphere with ice. To do this, fill the form with purified water. At will, it is mixed with various additives that have a positive effect on the condition of our skin. Such ingredients can be herbal infusions, fruit juices and natural teas.

Each supplement has its own benefits. For example, green tea enhances the elimination of toxins, lemon has a whitening effect, and lavender is great for calming.

The filled cryosphere must be placed in the freezer. With an ice massager, it is necessary to walk on the surface of the cleansed skin of the face. It is best to start from the chin and move towards the forehead. It is best to avoid strong pressure on the skin. It is advisable to go through each zone 3-5 times, and then complete the procedure.

Why buy KARAMBOLA ice ball

We can name a number of reasons why it is worth getting to know the ice massager in the form of a KARAMBOLA sphere from personal experience:

· At production of a product food silicone is used. It is valued for its high performance and long service life. Absolutely safe for human health and the environment.

· Suitable for regular use. Between procedures, short breaks should be maintained, since daily contact with ice can harm.

· Designed for all skin types.

· Thanks to the compact sizes does not take a lot of place in the freezer.

· It is conveniently fixed in a hand during massage.

Guarantees the desired result after the first application.

Caring procedures with an ice ball are bearing fruit. This is a simple and affordable way to preserve the beauty and health of your skin, to prevent its premature aging. The KARAMBOLA massager is relevant for all ages, which is its versatility and real value.


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