By following these simple rules, you will always enjoy being in the bedroom, feel fresh in the morning and enjoy a new day.

Bedding sets in active use should be at least three

The math is simple: one is made on the bed, the second is in the laundry, the third is in the closet, waiting in the wings or an unforeseen situation. The same number of sets is needed for a children’s bed. If you have a bed for guests at home, you need at least two sets of linen for it.

Change bedding at least once a week

If you are allergic, you should remake the bed even more often – once every five days, and pillowcases can be changed every two days, as they accumulate the maximum amount of dust and sebum. The guest bedding set should be washed immediately after the guests leave.

Bedding and linens must fit each other and fit the size of the bed

In addition to being necessary for your comfort, a tiny blanket on a large bed or a huge pillowcase on a small pillow is bad manners.

Bed linen needs to be ironed

First, it is an additional antimicrobial treatment. Secondly, lying down in such a bed is much more pleasant. Thirdly, unironed linen, like unironed clothes, seems to be acceptable, but the sediment remains.

Sleeping and walking around the house in the same clothes is not worth it.

And this is a matter of personal hygiene only. In pajamas, you can only walk in the morning from the bedroom to the bath and before going to bed from the bath to the bedroom.


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