Falling leaves and family look photo session

Choose a sports outfit, put on hoodies in the same shades and go on a photo walk along a wide alley with yellow leaves. The priceless moment of autumn.

Loving eyes on beautiful frames will make your Instagram feed brighter and warmer. A hoodie can be worn then all winter. At home, visiting your parents or at cozy parties with your favorite friends.

Let’s go where the mountains are

Diversify gloomy everyday life: leave for a week in the mountains and wander together along the icy river. Remember how we met, talk about the main thing, discuss New Year’s gifts for loved ones and just keep quiet … Thinking in unison, how good it is for you to be alone. With nature. And in warm hoodies, the hoods of which perfectly protect from the mountain-valley wind.

Waiting for a miracle

Have you noticed that a man’s tummy grows when his half is expecting a baby?) This phenomenon defies logic, but it does happen. Loose oversized hoodies are perfect for the rounded tummies of expectant parents. And walking with a newborn in comfortable sweaters will be very comfortable for a young mother who has not yet fully come into shape. And a happy father. Who now knows for sure that sleep is for wimps, so he doesn’t even dream of the gym yet.

Go shopping

If you came to the mall together, then this is another test of the relationship for strength. And here there is one important rule: the more comfortable you dress, the longer you will last. He is in the departments with dresses, shoes and blush, she is in electronics and grocery. Why is there such permafrost near these refrigerators?! Thank you for the fleece hoodie. You can safely wait while he is looking for harmful E-shki in the composition of glazed curds.

Special Hoodie

Comfort, versatility and practicality have made hoodies a staple that girls and boys alike pair with jeans, T-shirts and sweatpants. Worn under a coat, with a trench coat or a bomber jacket and successfully fit into everyday and business styles.

Especial, following its philosophy of the uniqueness of the individual, has launched a line of warm hoodies in a concise design and without distracting details. For him and for her. For everyone to be themselves in any place and in any situation.

Our hoodies:

– tailored in oversized size

– devoid of logos and inscriptions

– made from organic cotton

– Lined with soft fleece

– equipped with a kangaroo pocket and a deep hood

– presented in 10 noble shades – for men and in 11 trendy – for women

– elastic, do not stretch in the elbow area

– keep their shape after washing and do not roll down

– Complemented with durable laces and comfortable elasticated cuffs

– suitable for creating various styles

Autumn 2021 has gained momentum, and the period of warm hoodies can be declared officially open.

Hoodies Especial are already available for order: choose your color and dive into the new autumn story. With its own unique story.

Warm up beautifully. Together with Special!


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