– Change your look. Spring is a time for change! Suddenly you have long dreamed of dyeing your hair or getting a haircut? Right now! If you don’t want to change dramatically, start with clothes. It is not necessary to dress up in “all the best at once”, just add a couple of bright accents: a colored bag or scarf, a funny brooch, earrings.

– Change your schedule a little. Try getting up 15 minutes early to get some exercise in time. The tone in the body will add vivacity! And do not forget about vitamins, in the spring the body especially lacks them.

– Walk more. Fresh air, bright spring sun will certainly cheer you up and put your thoughts in order.

– Add colors! Make up your lips with bright lipstick, make a bright manicure!

– Arrange spring at home. A change in the familiar environment also affects the mood. To do this, it is not at all necessary to rearrange, you can, for example, change the curtains or throw a few bright small pillows on the sofa. And also – add a new photo to the workplace, make a wish card or moodboard.

– Don’t forget about underwear! Indulge yourself with a new set of designer underwear TM La Sete and forward – to accomplishments!

One of the lines of La Sete is called Dolce Vita – literally means “dolce vita” or a measured lifestyle filled with emotions and love. Delicate and exciting models give incredible comfort. And they are versatile and perfect for any style.

The Dolce Vita collection is made from a delicate mesh with an exquisite embroidery and a thin elastic fabric created using modern flock technology.


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