Matrigen – A South Korean brand of professional cosmetics for face and body skin care, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year! Cosmetologists around the world have long known and loved the products of this brand, and over the past couple of years it has become more accessible and well-known for a larger number of ordinary people who choose professional products for personal care and at home.

The basis of the assortment of the brand “Matrijen” Korea is modern mesotherapeutic preparations in the form of ampoule serums of various kinds of impact, among which 4 funds are allocated in a separate line SRS Ampoule due to their ability to restore the skin at the cellular level.

And in the case of using SRS ampoules with the help of cosmetological devices (instruments for microneedling, phonophoresis, ultrasound, electroporation, etc.), the effect they have from the synergy of exposure reaches the maximum possible indicators.

Each of the mesococktails of the line SRS is a laboratory-tested combination of peptides, plant extracts and active ingredients according to the type of exposure. Without the addition of unnecessary additives, dyes and surfactants. What makes them available for use even for owners of sensitive skin.

1. Matrigen SRS Anti-aging Ampoule Anti-aging face serum

(10 ml ampoules: 12 pcs. – art. 15372101, 2 pcs. – art. 25596254, 1 pcs. – art. 27508007)

An anti-aging agent used to rejuvenate the skin. Tightens the oval, eliminates wrinkles, smoothes the microrelief and gives freshness.

2. Matrigen SRS Whitening Ampoule Whitening face serum

(10 ml ampoules: 12 pcs. – art. 15372100, 2 pcs. – art. 39310905, 1 pcs. – art. 27508003)

A therapeutic preparation used to lighten age spots, freckles, acne scars, even out the tone of the face and eliminate pastosity.

3. Matrigen SRS Regenerating Ampoule Regenerating face serum

(10 ml ampoules: 12 pcs. – art. 58479939, 2 pcs. – art. 58479938, 1 pcs. – art. 58479937)

Revitalizing agent for the skin. Direction of action: Wrinkle reduction / Prevention of skin aging / Strengthening of skin structure.

4. Matrigen SRS Calming Ampoule Facial Calming Serum

(10 ml ampoules: 12 pcs. – art. 59100676, 2 pcs. – art. 59100675, 1 pcs. – art. 59100674)

Ampoule with anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, soothing, antimicrobial, antifungal effect. It has a positive effect on mechanical and thermal damage to the skin, providing a reduction in pain and the severity of inflammatory processes, preventing the development of a secondary bacterial infection. Direction of action: Reducing acne scars / Relieving skin conditions / Strengthening the skin barrier.


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