The skin has gone hand in hand with its evolution since the very beginning of mankind. Technology does not stand still, and natural materials remain timeless. Today, there are many options for leather processing, the creation of products from “eco-leather”, various “leatherette” and so on.

We will tell you about our product, the production of which is located in St. Petersburg. The furniture handles offered by us are made of genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather.

Initially, one of the ingredients for dressing was oak bark, hence “tanning”. The basis of this leather treatment is the filling of the material with tannins (tannins), which are present in the bark and wood of oak, willow, larch, mimosa, walnut and other trees and plants. The advantages of this method are naturalness, tactile sensations when used, smell, texture. Disadvantages, and rather even features are also present. The main feature is good water absorption by the skin. This problem is solved, as a rule, by processing with special paints and waxes at the production stage. In the future, this skin is easily renewed and restored with standard leather care products.

Since our leather furniture handles are made of saddlecloth, the most valuable, high-quality and thickest part of cattle skin, they will last a very long time. For example, belts, harnesses, and other ammunition for a horse have been made from this part of the skin for centuries.

The material of the fittings used to install the handles is brass. We stopped on this alloy for a reason, brass looks advantageous on any furniture. Unlike metal bolts, even coated with some kind of coating, not to mention Chinese crafts of dubious quality, over time, the patina on the fittings will further emphasize the naturalness and exclusivity of our furniture handles.

For leather processing, we use professional penetrating Italian paints and finishes that are used for painting shoes and haberdashery. A large palette of colors allows you to make handles of almost any color.

Our production produces handles both for sale on trading floors and in retail, as well as single orders for exclusive furniture. The developed variants of execution and the ability to produce products of almost any shape allow us to realize any of your wildest fantasies.

We hope that this article has helped you with the choice and we will see you among our customers.


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