7.9 billion people live on our planet. 3.9 billion of them are women. Fashion changes from season to season, forcing us to buy brand new stylish dresses, trousers, accessories, shoes.

But we are all completely different, we are different inside – and we are different outside! And in the style of clothes, we are also different, although we try to “keep up” and “be in the know.”

Romantic nature, bright, cheerful, lover of flirting and flirting – our first image. A retro-style dress, fashion accessories and red sneakers or sneakers are a comfortable summer urban look.

Serious and sophisticated in character, with a refined sense of style, accustomed to always only win, a girl who has everything according to plan, a perfectionist – the second image for you!

Very active, athletic, easy-going, constantly in the circle of friends, buddies, acquaintances, whose every word you want to catch and plunge into this whirlpool of energy – the third image is for you!

You like to be in the center of attention, kind and sympathetic, you adore music and just like walking in silence, an amazing contradiction inside – unshakable calmness and confidence outside! This image is for you!


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