It’s +30 outside, and many of your office colleagues have already left for the sea, and you are forced to stay at work? But no one canceled the office dress code. And opening the closet in the morning with even greater diligence, you try to find a magical outfit there, in which you will be comfortable both during the working day and on a summer evening.

Synthetic products keep their shape perfectly, wear out a little, but in the heat they will become impenetrable armor for air. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to natural blended fabrics of cotton, linen. An ideal compromise would be women’s summer viscose blouses.

Viscose fiber makes light, almost weightless blouses for summer. Blouses beautifully fit the figure and do not go out of fashion for many years. Viscose fabric, depending on the composition, becomes similar to silk, wool, knitwear, linen. Things made of viscose are beautiful and “rich” in appearance. Viscose “cools” in hot weather, does not allow heat to escape in winter.

Women’s business style is a laconic cut and classic prints, clothes in muted colors. But a person tends to express himself, including through clothes. Properly selected blouse print allows you to look businesslike, feminine and elegant.

Short-sleeved shirts do not contribute to creating the image of a successful person and are out of business style, so you should choose long-sleeved shirts and blouses for work.


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