Teenagers often face skin problems, because it is at this age that the body is being restructured. The appearance of acne or blackheads is bad for mood and self-esteem, so it is important to choose quality skin care products that will help cope with imperfections.

In addition to daily care – washing, toning and moisturizing the skin – it is important to use additional care products, such as a scrub and / or mask. What role do these products play in skin care?

The scrub exfoliates dead cells, allowing the skin to renew itself faster, it deeply cleanses the pores, removing the remnants of dirt, dust, and also helps to remove some of the blackheads

The mask is more saturated with active substances than a cream, it consolidates daily care and helps in the fight against imperfections, drying oily skin

Teenage series from SIBERINA – This is a natural composition and a well-chosen recipe that gives an effective result. In addition to basic care products (foams, tonics and face creams), it includes a gentle scrub and a thick face mask – products created specifically for young girls.

The scrub and mask contains zinc salt is a powerful element in the fight against problem skin, oily sheen, coals and inflammation. It helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, reduces the production of sebum, has an antiseptic effect, destroying bacteria and thus protecting against the appearance of new imperfections.

Let’s take a closer look at these products.

Mask for deep cleansing of the skin against acne, blackheads and blackheads with zinc intensively cleanses, moisturizes, relieves inflammation and prevents acne. It contains blue clay and activated charcoal, which rid the skin of toxins and oily sheen, have a mattifying effect. Argan oil helps to retain moisture in the cells, which means that the skin will not dry out or peel off. D-panthenol softens and promotes healing.

Use the mask 1-2 times a week: apply on the face and soak for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. When washing off the mask, use a cotton pad, as it has a rather thick consistency.

Cleansing facial scrub-peeling against acne, blackheads and blackheads with zinc gently exfoliates and tightens pores, gives the skin a fresh and healthy look. Ground apricot kernels, acting as scrubbing particles, act very gently and do not injure the skin. The mask also contains a complex of cucumber, pomegranate and dandelion extracts, which moisturizes and reduces inflammation.

Scrub can be used no more than 1-2 times a week. Apply a small amount to damp skin, massage gently and rinse with water

We recommend using the scrub and mask in combination with the daily care products for the teenage series.

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