How is men’s skin different from women’s? You need to know about this at least in order to reasonably explain to your husband or young man who secretly uses your face cream that he needs men’s cosmetics.

So, here 4 important differences between men’s skin and women’s:

1. More oily. The sebaceous glands of male skin work more actively (this is the influence of testosterone), and not only in adolescence. The consequences are known: black dots, excessive gloss, uneven surface. That is why men’s skin needs to be cleaned more thoroughly, and non-comedogenic products should be used for care.

2. More dense. Yes, men’s skin is on average 24% thicker than women’s, and it’s also rougher. Such skin reacts less to aggressive factors, but it also perceives care worse. Therefore, she needs more powerful concentrated formulas. At the same time, please note that the texture of products for men should be light (gel, emulsion, fluid) in order to be well absorbed.

3. Aging slower. This is really not a myth, since collagen and elastin fibers, as well as subcutaneous adipose tissue in men, are more dense and elastic, which reduces the severity of age-related skin changes. This feature does not allow the oval of the face to be strongly deformed with age. And only men with overweight and increased estrogen synthesis are faced with jowls and a second chin.

But keep in mind: in fact, men’s skin is more prone to photoaging – dryness and early wrinkles. True, the fault is not physiology, but the neglect of protection from UV radiation.

4. More sensitive. This feature is due to the need for daily shaving. Interaction with a razor willy-nilly leads to the fact that the protective mantle of the epidermis is damaged. Irritation, rashes, burning, redness – these are the possible consequences of daily shaving if the skin is not taken care of daily: soothe, restore and moisturize. It is not surprising that in recent years, men prefer a three-day stubble or even grow a beard, it has become fashionable.

With all these features in mind, choose cosmetics that will definitely suit your man. We decided to help you and present a selection of excellent men’s products from SIBERINA, which are suitable for daily care.

For shaving

Natural shaving products will help to make the process of shaving more pleasant and neutralize its unpleasant consequences. First of all, these are gels – they are considered universal, have a dense and soft structure, are easy to apply and promote good sliding, minimizing the risk of damage and cuts. You can soothe the skin after shaving using a natural balm – it gently nourishes and moisturizes, disinfects, and restores the natural pH balance.

To ensure maximum skin comfort during and after the procedure, we recommend using paired shaving products: gel and balm with cooling effect, gel and balm for sensitive skin. If your skin feels tight and flaky after shaving, try anti-irritation and dryness gel and balm “Restoration and protection” with D-panthenol. Available in brand range gel and balm “Best for the best man” (the name speaks for itself, right?), as well as shaving products with aphrodisiacs: gel and balm “The Power of the Dragon”, gel and balm “Energy of attraction”.

To keep clean and fresh

In the cycle of endless affairs, when every minute is precious, one wants so much to achieve the utmost simplicity and convenience in everything. For busy and always in a hurry men, we have developed shampoo-shower gel 2 in 1 “Sea breeze”. It carefully cares for hair, scalp and body, maintains the natural balance of the skin, protecting it from dryness. Perfectly refreshes and tones, has a pleasant aroma.

Another indispensable tool that should be in a man’s arsenal to keep you fresh after a shower is deodorant. Recommended natural deodorant “Coniferous” – it will provide confidence and protection against the smell of sweat for the whole day, without causing irritation and without closing the ducts of the sweat glands, and the essential oils of fir and pine will give a pleasant invigorating aroma.

For bath procedures

Is your man a fan of the bath? Then you simply have to introduce him to such a product as beldi soap – all over the world it is used in the bath, hammam and sauna for deep cleansing, gommage and exfoliation of the skin with the help of a mitt. This is one of the most popular spa treatments! SIBERINA offers to try beldi “Coniferous” with cedar oil, fir and pine essential oils, refreshing Beldi “Mint and Eucalyptus” or invigorating beldi “Ginger and lemon”. Just imagine – a bathhouse, fragrant steam and natural care!

For success with the opposite sex

And, finally, the final touch in men’s personal care is fragrance. SIBERINA has unique complexes of aromatic oils with aphrodisiacs – this is a natural and safe alternative to perfumes. The complexes are created on the basis of natural essential oils, the aromas of which are fully revealed, merging with the smell of the skin. By the way, the same oils “sound” differently on different people, which means you can be sure that your fragrance will be truly unique. This perfume will perfectly complement the male image, making it original and memorable. We offer two options to choose from: “Spicy Muscat” or “Mighty cedar”. Use the power of natural scents to showcase your style and charisma!


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