Liquid chalk for various sports is a practical alternative to dry and pressed formulations with similar properties. It is in wide consumer demand, as many have managed to appreciate the main advantages of the original product. The range of the FitRule brand includes liquid magnesia in a new volume, which pleasantly surprises with its high quality of workmanship and maximum efficiency in work.

FitRule Liquid Magnesia Features
Sports chalk in liquid format is the perfect companion for pole or gym workouts. The versatility of the product lies in the fact that it is suitable for working with any sports equipment. He will not be left without the attention of fans of rock climbing, crossfit, fitness and powerlifting.

Magnesia FitRule has a number of distinctive qualities:

· Available in a convenient format. The packaging of the product is presented in the form of an oblong bottle that can easily fit into a sports bag or backpack.

· Has the convenient batcher which is reliably closed by a cover.

· Effectively distributed over the skin due to its fluid consistency.

· Quickly dries, so it can be used immediately before the start of the exercise.

· Does not dust and does not crumble, dirtying everything around, what is its main difference from powder counterparts.

Provides the effect of moderate drying of the skin, so that hands do not sweat during exercise. Perfectly absorbs sebum and moisture.

· Guarantees maximum grip of the athlete’s hands with the projectile.

· The package contains 200 ml of liquid magnesia, which is economical in consumption.

FitRule Liquid Magnesia has been formulated specifically for people who experience mild to moderate palm sweating. It keeps well on the hands, thanks to which you can avoid frequent use of the product and its rapid consumption during intense training.

What is in the composition
Magnesia is made from magnesium carbonate, which is a mineral with a powerful absorbent effect. That’s why magnesium effectively retains moisture. In this embodiment, it has a creamy texture, which was obtained by mixing magnesium salt with auxiliary components.

How to use liquid magnesium
Features of the use of liquid magnesia are not much different from the use of a pressed product based on magnesium salt. It is necessary to open the lid and, using a dispenser, pour a portion of the composition into the palm of your hand. After that, it remains to carefully distribute it over the hands.

You should give a little time to the magnesia to dry and grab, after which you can safely proceed to the exercise.

Are there any contraindications
FitRule liquid magnesium is made from environmentally friendly ingredients that are safe for the environment and human health. It has no serious contraindications and does not cause negative consequences, provided that it is used correctly in accordance with the instructions. This is an absolutely natural composition that provides high safety when working with sports equipment during various tricks and exercises.

Why choose our products
The FitRule brand specializes in the sale of high quality products that are designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. Liquid magnesia in the new volume is no exception. This is a high quality product that is versatile in its application. It is relevant when practicing various sports, pole dancing and rock climbing. The basic advantages of our products are their high quality workmanship, maximum safety and efficiency. This is what we guarantee to every customer.


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