The permanent trend is skinny jeans: what is the peculiarity of the model and how to wear it

Skinny jeans have long been the leader in the rankings of the most popular and sought-after items in the women’s wardrobe. And this is despite the fact that fashion designers are trying in every possible way to switch attention from them to freer models. Skinnies can hardly be called the most comfortable, but this does not prevent them from remaining a universal thing.
itemJeans offers a selection of stylish high-rise skinny jeans. The size range and variations of shades make it possible to find the very thing, stylized as denim, which will be relevant both in everyday life and for a special occasion.

Distinctive characteristics of the model

Skinny is difficult to confuse with other types of jeans. They are made of elastic fabric, which fits snugly around the legs and hips. These are truly tight pants that have won the hearts of a huge number of women.
Of course, high-rise skinny jeans would not have been so popular, if not for their main advantages. Here’s what really makes skinny so good:
· An element of the wardrobe with a high fit perfectly emphasizes the waist, helps to visually hide a small tummy.
They emphasize the main advantages of a slender figure, which a woman does not hesitate to demonstrate to others.
· Despite the tight fit, these trousers do not significantly hinder movement.
Pairs well with a variety of tops and shoes.
Skinny jeans feel and feel like a second skin. This phrase accurately describes the appearance of a modern model.

Who is skinny perfect for?

Skinny jeans are a good option for slim girls and women. This is because with their help it is impossible to hide significant shortcomings in the legs and hips. Of course, there are slimming models that correct the figure. In this case, consideration of such an option is quite acceptable.
These jeans look equally good on girls of both tall and short stature. Fashionistas who consider themselves to be in the second group should pay attention to high-waisted models, as they visually lengthen. The itemJeans women’s clothing store offers just such an option.
If skinny women are interested in curvy women, then they are recommended jeans in dark colors. It is best to give preference to trousers made of dense fabric, which gives the effect of tightening.
What to wear with a trendy thing in 2021
Skinnies are more suitable for the summer season, because due to the lack of an air layer between them and the skin, they will not warm at low air temperatures. Therefore, it is appropriate to consider successful combinations of skinny jeans with other clothes for summer, warm spring and autumn.

High waisted skinny jeans go well with:
1. Cropped jackets and classic coats.
2. Bulky sweater.
3. Jacket.
4. Denim jacket.
5. Long plain t-shirt with or without print.
6. Shirt and blouse.
7. Oversized sweatshirt.
8. Long cardigan.
It is equally important to responsibly approach the choice of shoes for skinny trousers. Heeled shoes, ankle boots, sneakers, sneakers, oxfords, rough boots and high boots can successfully complement the image. Everything directly depends on where the girl is going and in what image she will be.

Why buy skinny jeans from itemJeans?

At WildBerries, you can find the perfect jeans for you, which are sure to become your favorite item in your basic wardrobe. The collection has been expanded with classic skinnies, allowing you to create a lot of stylish looks for different occasions.
Skinny jeans featured item Jeans, have a number of important features. After getting to know them, all doubts about buying a fashion item disappear by themselves. It is about the following points:
With a wide range of sizes, it’s easy to find your perfect skinny. It is limited to 25-36 sizes. Before buying, be sure to check your parameters with the table.
Pleasantly surprised by the range of colors of the trendy item. The jeans are available in gray, blue, navy blue, light blue, light blue, dark gray and light gray.
· Finished with a classic zipper closure and a convenient button. There are no unnecessary decorating elements that can cause discomfort while wearing a trouser. Decorated with pockets.
The tapered shape allows you to visually lengthen the legs. Therefore, this option is recommended for girls of short and medium height.
94% high quality cotton jeans. It is characterized by such qualities as strength and resistance to accidental damage. The material is supplemented with elastane and elastomultiester. Due to synthetic additives, the fabric acquires traditional elasticity.
It is important to follow the recommendations that relate to the care of skinny jeans with a high waist. In order for them to retain their shape and color for a long time, you should wash them in a delicate mode with water heated to 30 degrees.

item Jeans guarantees the high quality of stylish jeans that have already conquered many buyers. So you can safely trust him with your choice.


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