Underwear for a woman is important, even if no one sees it. Because she knows – this is for the time being.

Firstly, she sees underwear herself, and this directly affects self-esteem. After all, washed out and battered panties will definitely not please the eyes.

Secondly, linen is seen better than it seems. All those translucent blouses, tight dresses, short skirts, low-rise jeans that hang freely on the hips, showing the whole world an elastic band or a lace stripe.

Thirdly, underwear can impress and it is important for a woman that it looks good. That is why the beautiful half of humanity disappears in lingerie stores, both online and offline, for so long – rush is not an adviser here, every little thing is important.

Fourth, good underwear is comfortable. Therefore, it is important for a woman that it is not only beautiful, but also fits well, does not stick anywhere and is made of natural materials or, in extreme cases, has a cotton gusset. The ideal ratio is a combination of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, spandex or lycra.

Fifthly, good underwear gives a woman confidence. It is even able to change the gait, making the movements graceful and plastic.

And finally, it is never known in advance where and when a woman will have to undress. All these fantastic stories about passion in the cabin of an airplane, or an acquaintance at a doctor’s appointment, are far from fiction. Sometimes everything happens at the most unexpected moment, and then, watching the burning eyes of a man, a woman realizes that the purchase was worth the money.


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