The photo shows shoes of the brand IRIDIS article 44522560

When buying shoes for a child or teenager, we pay attention to a number of factors: comfort, appearance, materials. In addition, sometimes there are orthopedic elements in the shoes.

In the article we will talk about Thomas heel.

In the photo, the model of IRIDIS brand shoes is article 18878813

The invention belongs to Hugh Owen Thomas (1834-1891), a Welsh surgeon. The Thomas heel is a heel that is elongated on the inside of the foot. This form supports the arch of the foot and does not allow the leg to fall inward.

The heel is used both in orthopedic shoes and in ordinary ones. What are the health benefits of children’s feet in the presence of this element.

  • Collapse protection and inner arch support.
  • The wide and stable heel provides stability and safety while walking on different surfaces.
  • The Thomas heel promotes the correct formation of the foot.

Thomas’ heel is a preventive element. If there are problems, a doctor’s consultation is necessary.

The IRIDIS brand has many options for shoes with Thomas heels: shoes, boots for boys and girls. Size range – from 31 to 40.


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