After the release of the film “Gentlemen” fashionistas are looking for such tracksuits as his gangster heroes. Checkered, old Britannia and bomber jackets rule!

To create the characters’ wardrobe, Guy Ritchie brought in an artist and style expert from Sydney. Based on classic fabrics for English suits, the designs of which were then made larger, brighter, and printed on quilted technical fabric. The result is a modern interpretation of the English suit through street fashion and casual sportswear.

The good news is that Russian designers began to make suits in the summer, and we got the opportunity to try on a daring combination of plaid and sports elements.

We have found a men’s plaid windbreaker that can be worn in temperatures from +5°C to +15°C. The composition of the fabric is insulated jersey with a barely noticeable stitch (for autumn, that’s it!) The pants in the set are made of cotton knitted fabric. On Wildberries you will find several print options; the basic and most budgetary of them is light gray with black and white cuffs. White sneakers, as well as gray and khaki, will suit him.

A man in a good suit is still considered the owner of impeccable taste. Checked tracksuit will be the best investment in your autumn-spring wardrobe.


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