Before buying an acoustic guitar, you need to be prepared for a rather difficult choice. This is due to the fact that there is a huge variety of this musical instrument. That is why it is quite difficult for a beginner who does not have significant experience to understand which model is best to give preference to.

Acoustic guitars are in demand in any genre of music, they can give each composition intimacy and melody. This instrument is self-sufficient, it is not necessary to buy amplifiers and other expensive additions to it. The sound is loud due to the hole (resonator). There are different types of guitars, depending on the shape of the body and neck:

  • Dreadnought (western) – the most popular model, it has a loud sound, most often it is played with a pick;
  • Classical – quiet and soft sound, nylon strings, ideal for performances in small rooms;
  • Jumbo – now rare, has a large body and amazing volume, best suited for accompaniment;
  • Electro-acoustic – equipped with a timbre block that can be connected to an amplifier; some models have a built-in tuner and equalizer.

Best Inexpensive Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha F310

Guitar Yamaha F310

The F310 is one of Yamaha’s most affordable dreadnoughts for beginner guitarists. The sound is bright, deep and rich, the timbre is incredibly beautiful compared to other brands of acoustic guitars. The Yamaha F310 stays in tune very well, you can not adjust it for about a week, even if you play the guitar every day. The frets are well polished, so the instrument is suitable for fast and complex transitions in different positions, the fingers will not get tired. The production used thin three-layer wood technology, which provided good resonance. Users attribute too thin a layer of varnish to the disadvantages of the model, as well as bad original strings. For many buyers, they broke or began to buzz in the very first days after purchase. Such strings do not reveal the fullness of the sound, so it is better to change them for better ones, but not nylon ones.

Pros and cons

  • Good resonance due to three layers of wood
  • Pleasant tone
  • Reliable line holding
  • High quality fret polishing
  • Hands do not get tired of fast transitions
  • Poor quality of bundled strings
  • Thin layer of varnish

Fender Squier SA-150

Guitar Fender Squier SA-150

This guitar is most often said to be ideal for regular, intense practice. Of course, the model is also bought by professionals, but it is usually preferred by beginners because of the low price and presentable appearance. It is comfortable to play the instrument, the strings are quite soft. Scalloped springs were used in the design for greater dynamics and resonance of the soundboard. All fittings are chrome plated. The top deck is made of linden: this material is considered the most budgetary, it is used in the production of cheap guitars. Because of this, many users criticize the Squier SA-150, although its sound quality is quite decent, it is rich and even “mature”. The reviews also advise replacing the strings with a more expensive set, but it is not necessary to do this immediately after purchase.

Pros and cons

  • Excellent combination of price and appearance
  • Easy to pluck strings
  • Good dynamics and resonance
  • Thick and mature sound
  • The best option for beginners
  • It is recommended to replace the strings
  • Average quality of materials

Fender ESC80

Guitar Fender ESC80

The Fender ESC80 is a classic six-string guitar without a mounted pickup. The model looks very neat due to the reduced size (3/4). The strings here are nylon, they are soft enough that even children can play without a pick. The entire body is covered with a matte varnish, it will not leave fingerprints. This acoustic guitar has a pleasantly rich tone thanks to its good balance and quality build. It is in great demand among novice musicians, and is included in the Educational Series line of serial educational equipment. The low price makes the guitar accessible to a wide range of consumers. Thanks to its soft and loud sound, the instrument is suitable for performing the most diverse compositions.

Pros and cons

  • Special series for beginners
  • Reduced sizes (3/4)
  • Soft nylon strings
  • Matte body finish
  • Good balance
  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Build quality is not perfect

Martinez C-95

Guitar Martinez C-95

Martinez C-95 – perhaps the best option for those who want to get good sound quality and long life at the lowest price. This model has a traditional structure: six strings and 19 frets, placed in a classical manner. All Martinez brand instruments are assembled in China, but this does not affect the quality at all. If properly cared for, your guitar will last a very long time. Professional musicians often criticize this model because of its rather flat sound. There is no depth and velvet in it, if you compare the sound with expensive options from well-known companies. But beginners may well get by with such a budget tool, it is perfect for learning.

Pros and cons

  • Nice price
  • Fingers do not hurt after bar
  • Soft and rich sound
  • Easy setup
  • Holds up well
  • Lacks sound depth
  • The neck may peel off after a while.

The best mid-range acoustic guitars

Antonio Sanchez S-1005

Guitar Antonio Sanchez S-1005

S-1005 is a high quality instrument from Spanish workshop Antonio Sanchez. The main feature of this company is that each acoustic guitar is made by hand. The virtuosos of the craft follow ancient techniques that were patented many years ago. Of course, serial models are inferior in quality to single copies, but their price is quite modest. In production, elite wood species are used. It makes no sense to buy such a guitar for beginners who are not aware of all the intricacies of sound and are not even sure that they plan to seriously engage in music. But professionals will appreciate the S-1005. She has great debugging, balancing and sound. Thanks to the reinforced body design, the tool will last as long as possible.

Pros and cons

  • Body made of premium wood
  • Reinforced construction
  • Hand made
  • Excellent debugging and balancing
  • Quality and rich sound
  • Not worth buying for beginner guitarists
  • Budget series differ in quality

Simon & Patrick 039708 Trek Nat SG

Guitar Simon & Patrick 039708 Trek Nat SG

The Simon & Patrick dreadnought is made from atypical materials. In particular, the company used wild cherries for the production of the bottom deck. The material is durable and resistant to wear, and this decision also had a positive effect on the sound. It turned out to be sonorous and melodic, the volume is enough for performances or playing on the street in a large company. Considering the quality of the body and fittings, the pleasant and rich sound, Simon & Patrick can be considered an inexpensive option for beginners. It was possible to reduce the price due to the budget finishing. Because of this, the guitar needs to be handled with care and polished regularly. No other significant drawbacks were found in the model – the dreadnought sounds good and justifies its price.

Pros and cons

  • original materials
  • High quality fittings
  • Semi-gloss finish without fingerprints
  • Loud and melodic sound
  • Relatively low price
  • Budget trim

Best Premium Acoustic Guitars

Sigma Guitars 000M-15

Guitar Sigma Guitars 000M-15

Sigma creates instruments in a minimalist spirit, favoring certain materials. Almost all parts of the 000M-15 case are made of mahogany and decorated in one color. Beginners and professional players alike will love this guitar for its comfort during extended play. Hands and fingers will not get tired even from the most difficult and fast transitions. As for the sound, it can be called open and natural. Experienced guitarists may not have enough depth and volume, but beginners will definitely enjoy the resonance and tangible bass. The symmetrical chrome-plated tuning pegs hold the tune well, the complete strings are of quite decent quality, you don’t have to change them immediately after purchase.

Pros and cons

  • Branded sleek design
  • Quality strings and pegs
  • Loud, soft and natural sound
  • Holds formation for a long time
  • Suitable for long game
  • The price is a little high
  • Lack of volume

Martin LXK2

Guitar Martin LXK2

Martin LXK2 is called the best travel guitar. This acoustic model from a well-known brand is made of lightweight but durable materials and takes up minimal space. The advantage was the fact that the company completes the dreadnought with a case with a handle and carrying straps. Customers around the world praise the instrument for its balanced tone, warm and bright sound, good body design, and relatively low price. Of course, you should not expect the sound of a full-sized Martin, but for travel and gatherings with friends, the guitar is suitable. Also, LXK2 is often chosen by beginners. There are no complaints about the workmanship and protection, but it’s better not to drop the dreadnought from a great height – cracks instantly appear on the hull.

Pros and cons

  • The smallest weight and dimensions
  • Warm and pleasant sound
  • Comfortably lies in the hands
  • Easy to learn and set up
  • Durable materials
  • Not too loud
  • The body will not withstand the fall

Taylor 210ce

Guitar Taylor 210ce

Taylor 210ce is not the most popular electric acoustic guitar due to its high price. But the quality of the dreadnought is significantly different from the budget models. It is very comfortable to play thanks to the smooth Venetian neckline and the optimal width of the neck. The design of the instrument provides a clear articulation of high frequencies and a deep velvety bass sound. The volume is good, it is enough for performances and recording in the studio. The Taylor Expression System pickup is a proprietary design of the company. There are active volume, bass and treble controls. The main disadvantage of the model is the preamplifier and the strings are not perfectly accurate, you will have to adjust them for yourself. With this in mind, the price seems too high.

Pros and cons

  • Taylor branded electronics
  • Excellent volume and frequency balance
  • Solid design and good shape
  • Excellent body finish
  • Preamp and strings lack precision
  • Too high price

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