In natural cosmetics, there are amazing products that contain only one component, but at the same time they are very effective and multifunctional products that are simply irreplaceable in a cosmetic bag. Guessed? These are hydrosols.

What are they and how to use them?

Hydrolat (another name is flower / fragrant water) is obtained by steam distillation: steam is driven through herbs or flowers and then the resulting condensate is collected, so that all valuable substances remain in the resulting solution.

Like essential oils, hydrolats are a natural concentrate of benefits, but they act more delicately, so they can be safely used in their pure form.

Hydrolats are called universal products, and for good reason: they are used for the face, body, and hair. This is a caring tonic, and a refreshing spray, and a useful additive for wraps, masks and compresses – several products in one bottle at once!

That’s just several options for how we recommend using the hydrolate:

· Apply in the morning on clean skin before serum or cream – hydrosol will enhance their effect.

Spray on the face during the day directly over makeup. This method is especially relevant in the heat, when you really want to freshen up on the street or in a stuffy office.

Wipe the skin in the evening instead of tonic. Hydrolate is used after removing make-up and washing. It will soothe the skin after exposure to tap water, remove makeup remover residue and solve other problems.

before applying the mask. Hydrosol will rid the skin of dead cells and allow the mask to more effectively manifest itself on the skin of the face.

· During the use of a clay face mask – thanks to the hydrosol, the mask will not dry out and dry the skin.

The assortment of the SIBERINA brand includes many natural hydrolates that affect the skin in different ways. To help you navigate and make the right choice, we have prepared a cheat sheet where we told you which hydrosols are right for you, depending on your skin type or specific cosmetic problem. Choose the right hydrosol for you and get the maximum benefit for the beauty and health of your skin!

Combination skin

Hydrolates are suitable for her, which solve several problems at once: moisturize dry areas of the skin and at the same time mattify the T-zone, which is prone to the appearance of oily sheen. Choose your hydrosols lemon balm, lemon, tangerine, wormwood, rosemary and nettle.

Sensitive skin

Hydrolates for such skin are a real find, as they care very gently and do not contain aggressive, harsh components. Use those that quickly and effectively relieve irritation and redness, soothe and slightly cool it, moisturize and nourish it well. In the list of the most useful – hydrolates calendula, cornflower, roses, lavender-rosemary.

Oily and problematic skin

Hydrosols, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, will help her. They eliminate irritation, acne and blackheads, relieve itching and flaking, and normalize oily skin, because. most often problematic skin suffers from increased production of sebum. These are hydrolats hyssop, burdock, mint, rosemary, green tea, pines, firs, ate.

Dry skin

She needs, first of all, softening and gentle moisturizing. Hydrosols work great for this. lavender, lindens, chamomile, immortelle, black currant, catnip, orange. They do not tighten the skin, but on the contrary, make it softer, help get rid of peeling.

mature skin

Aging skin is usually dull, tired, has lost its tone and healthy appearance. She is shown remedies that will help improve metabolic processes, tighten and increase elasticity, and also prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Hydrolats will perfectly cope with these tasks. lemon balm, firs, roses, sage, green tea, lavender and meadowsweet.

Skin with couperose

Properly selected hydrosols will help smooth out the vascular pattern on the skin and reduce redness. They perfectly tone blood vessels and prevent the appearance of new vascular “asterisks”, stimulate metabolic processes, so that your skin will look healthier day by day. If you’re worried about rosacea, try hydrosols. chamomile, lavender or roses.

Skin around the eyes

Hydrolats are suitable not only for the face, they will help lighten dark circles under the eyes, relieve puffiness, smooth fine wrinkles, and also increase skin elasticity, eliminate redness and inflammation around the eyes. Hydrolats are suitable for delicate skin of the eyelids cornflower, roses, lindens and blueberries.

And finally, an important note. In this article, we have provided general guidelines for the use of hydrosols. As with any cosmetics, everything is individual, and you may well be suitable for a hydrolate that does not seem to suit your skin type. So it’s worth trying different hydrosols and watching the skin reaction: you will immediately feel which product suits her one hundred percent!


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