Daily hair care with shampoo does not clean the hair enough, and sometimes even clogs the pores. skin heads with too heavy components. The scalp, like the skin of the face, needs care and renewal. We introduce you to the “DETOX scalp peeling” procedure from the premium Brazilian brand CADIVEU.

Indications for use:

  • Oily scalp
  • Hair loss problem
  • Peeling of the scalp
  • Hair that quickly loses volume
  • Hair in need of nourishment and restoration
  • Damaged and bleached hair

The DETOX CADIVEU procedure deeply cleanses the scalp and hair from the remnants of cosmetic products, removes harmful toxins and saturates the hair structure with useful substances.

With regular cleaning:

  • The work of the sebaceous glands is normalized
  • Eliminates itching
  • Cell metabolism is activated
  • Stimulates skin tone
  • Improves nutrition and blood supply to the follicles

Professional and home kit for scalp peeling and protein saturation of the hair structure:

The line contains only natural plant ingredients and each product has a biodegradable packaging.

The Detox treatment intensively works on the scalp:

• Has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, effectively fights dandruff
• Eliminates excessive oiliness of the scalp, normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands
• Removes toxins
• Removes dead cells, dust, dirt, excess sebum, cosmetic residues from the scalp
• Ensures the penetration of useful plant components contained in the series to the follicles.
• Improves blood circulation and increases the flow of oxygen to the bulbs, which stimulates the growth of new hair.

As part of the “Detox Hair Protein” line, it is used not only for the procedure peelingbut also for powerful nutrition and restoration of damaged hair structure.

How to use the product yourself:
1. It is necessary to apply the product to dry hair, but only to damaged areas.
2. Then hold for 30 minutes until maximum absorption into the structure and rinse thoroughly.
3. To enhance the detox effect, use shampoo and conditioner from the same line.

Be beautiful to the ends of your hair, with love, the CADIVEU RUSSIA team are official distributors of the CADIVEU premium brand in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.


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