Sportswear is a wardrobe option that is practical and comfortable for every day, so the quality of the product is very important!

What composition should be the fabric of a tracksuit?

First of all, the fabric should allow air to pass through, absorb moisture just as well, cotton-based fabrics, such as footer (80% cotton and 20% p / e), polyester is added for elasticity and wear resistance of the fabric. Also the fabric should be soft and pleasant to the body. Thanks to the cotton in the composition, such suits are suitable for all seasons, they will not be hot in summer, and comfortable in winter.

Reliability – the fabric should not be afraid of washing and not lose its appearance, including color. The fabric should not roll!

The quality of tailoring and patterns is also a very important point! The suit should be comfortable, loose-fitting hoodies, and joggers should fit perfectly on the figure.

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