Do you know what is diatomite? It is a rock formed from the remains of diatoms, which has a high ability to absorb water. Quickly realizing the value of such a material, people created the diatomaceous mud bath mat, a unique, unusual thing for the bathroom: it perfectly absorbs moisture, repels bacteria and harmful microorganisms, and creates a feeling of comfort in use. Each bath mat has its own special print – English inscriptions in different fonts on a colored background with abstract drawings. Each image is different originality, color saturation. Such a bath mat will easily fit into any interior and create comfort during bath procedures.

Now this novelty in the field, we can use a product that has a wide range of applications. You can buy a rug for the bathroom, hallway, swimming pools and baths, where hygiene and the absence of bacteria are especially important. In addition, the product has the qualities and characteristics of a warm floor – it is pleasant to step on it with bare feet. Despite the fact that the material is quite strong, hard, shows high resistance to mechanical damage, it does not irritate the skin. It is suitable even for delicate children’s legs, it will not cause irritation or allergic reactions after use. As for maintenance, the product does not need to be cleaned with special detergents. The bath mat is completely safe to use, does not conduct electricity. Suitable for use on tiles, parquet, laminate and wood floors. You can order a bath mat in our store.


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