There are more and more people with poor posture, and all due to the fact that a sedentary lifestyle has become ubiquitous. Previously, in order to find the required report, an accountant had to run through the entire office and make a lot of calls, but now it is enough to go to the accountant’s personal account and make two mouse clicks. The foreman can enter the program and create a 3D model of the house. Pupils and students constantly sit at a desk or at a computer. Because of this, the spinal muscles degrade and weaken, and the spine remembers and maintains an unhealthy location.

I even have a true life story. I went to school with a friend named Sergei; he was often scolded by his teacher because he sat crookedly, and he said that he was so comfortable. Teachers recommended that his parents buy him a posture corrector or start doing exercises to strengthen his back, but his parents refused, saying that it would go away on its own. A couple of years passed, and in the 9th grade he was diagnosed with scoliosis – this is a curvature of the spine that no posture corrector will correct, which requires surgery, and two metal plates will be attached to the spine.

A friend was signed up for therapeutic exercises and orthopedic massage to correct posture. Unfortunately, these actions did not help him, and the parents decided that there would be an operation. Fortunately, the operation was successful. 6 years have passed, Sergey feels well, but now he cannot go in for sports, which he regrets very much.

The posture corrector helps both children and adults. You can not be afraid that the posture corrector will harm your child. On the contrary, thanks to the iron plates in the Korsetplus posture corrector, the child’s spine experiences a slight load – they keep the child’s spine in the correct position.

Spinal diseases such as lordosis, kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, scoliosis, Sprengel’s disease develop gradually and can be stopped at the very beginning. The Korsetplus posture corrector will do just fine. Wear it to prevent spinal diseases.

The Korsetplu posture corrector is made of high-quality textiles, so it does not rub under the armpits and torso when worn under clothing. At the same time, remember that you need to wear a posture corrector for no more than four hours a day!


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