Try a brand new enamel care product. Get in the habit of rinsing your mouth with On White Mineral Complex several times a day or after meals.

The unique composition of the concentrate restores and strengthens enamel at the molecular level, while inhibiting the growth of carious bacteria. Regular use increases the density of the enamel and increases its resistance to external influences. The liquid normalizes the microflora of the oral cavity, so the product will be indispensable for those who have just removed braces or have faced other surgical orthodontic interventions.

The liquid is suitable for all types of irrigators and is practical to use. One bottle of concentrate is equal to 3.5 liters of ready-made liquid for irrigator and mouthwash. Use the concentrate as a liquid for an irrigator or as an independent rinse, in any case, tooth enamel is under reliable protection.

Mineralized complex On White is too effective and easy way to take care of tooth enamel. Rather, get yourself this useful habit.


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