The tagine was invented in Morocco, and after the Moroccans appreciated the performance properties of the dishes, the fame of it reached the neighboring states.

The secret of the tagine’s design lies in its lid: it is quite high, and in its upper part it heats up much weaker than in its lower part. The steam generated during cooking condenses on the lid and, unlike dishes with a regular, flat lid, does not drip onto the ingredients, but flows down the sloping walls back to the bottom of the tagine, where it evaporates again. The process is repeated over and over again. Thus, a unique microclimate is created in the tagine, and the products are cooked in two ways: from below – by heating the base, and from above – almost like steaming, so the ingredients are very tender and acquire a special taste.

The Emile Henry tagine is perfect for healthy and delicious cooking. The tagine is made of a special, durable FLAME ceramic, which distributes heat optimally and promotes slow, controlled cooking of dishes that are rich in taste and nutritional properties. Unique French ceramics are not afraid of temperature changes. It is easy to wash, even in the dishwasher. Emile Henry cookware is not subject to chips and scratches – it is not afraid of metal and sharp knives and has a 10-year warranty.

Perhaps many of you have already encountered various tagines and may have noticed that some have a hole in the top of the lid, while Emile Henry tagines do not have such holes. The explanation is quite simple – the holes were or are being made so that the lid does not burst from internal pressure, so the ceramics may not be strong enough and not withstand heat. Emile Henry ceramics are very strong and withstand such tests and no holes are needed.

Emile Henry tagines are bestsellers for many reasons.

• Beautiful shape, design and colors – they will perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen.

• Spectacular serving of dishes on the table – the WOW effect will be guaranteed

• A huge variety of recipes for cooking a wide variety of dishes: meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts!

• Most importantly, exceptionally tasty and fragrant dishes that will surprise everyone and which, at the same time, are prepared very easily and simply, thanks to the special technology of cooking inside the tagine.


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