The tradition of tea drinking is one of the most ancient. To make this process more pleasant, cozy and homely, various accessories are used, one of which is a tea house. The tea house is an exclusive accessory that makes a great gift for friends or family. This design is designed to store tea bags and is a fashion trend. The house fits perfectly into any interior design. In life, everything is constantly changing, and modern people, always hurrying somewhere and fussing, do not always have the opportunity to prepare a full meal for themselves. Yes, what can I say! Tea is not always, it turns out, brewed according to all the rules. Tea manufacturers have taken all these points into account and offered such busy customers tea in tea bags that can be brewed in minutes, without the need to use and clean the teapot. Tea bags are brewed directly in a cup with hot water. Each bag is designed for only one use, and the dosage of tea is calculated in such a way that when brewed again, the tea will already be almost tasteless.

Bagged tea has become so popular that every self-respecting manufacturer, in addition to the weight drink, began to offer similar products packaged in small portion bags.

The tea house is a functional kitchen accessory that is very convenient for storing tea bags. Previously, tea was stored in thin cardboard packages, which quickly lost their appearance due to moisture and grease stains, which are not uncommon in the kitchen. In addition, the constantly opened packages contributed to the weathering of the true flavor of the tea. As for the houses, they can always be wiped, their surface is little affected by wet steam. In addition, tea houses perfectly preserve the aroma of tea bags. Therefore, for people who love this fragrant and healthy drink, a tea house in the kitchen is a must. This accessory can be purchased at the store, but it is best to do it yourself, especially since such work will not be difficult, because a tea house blank can be purchased, and everything else can be done using volumetric decoupage technique.

You can decorate your own kitchen with a house for tea bags, but you can also give such an accessory to loved ones who also like to drink tea.

Those who want to make this useful accessory on their own will need, first of all, to prepare a plywood tea house. In addition, polymer clay, decorative finishing materials, structural pastes, etc. will be needed to make a house for tea bags. For the rest, all that remains is to show all your creativity. Good luck in realizing your fantasy!


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