What is really worth paying attention to when choosing women’s clothing?

Attention to detail

The seams of high-quality clothes do not come apart, the threads do not stick out, the rhinestones do not fall off and it does not tear on the second day. Sometimes it is very difficult to protect yourself from such products, because these shortcomings are not immediately detected. But something can be tracked even when buying: high-quality fittings, neat seams, even stitching, the pattern on the seams matches, the absence of protruding threads and defects.

Value for money

Obviously, but a fact: a quality item (women’s clothing) costs more than a quick-wearing mass-market item that you are very likely to find on someone you know. Trying on a more expensive thing makes it clear that it is priceless to like yourself in the mirror and in the eyes of others.
Good are those women’s trousers, women’s skirts that quickly pay off: you can go to work, and on a date, and to a restaurant, and meet your girlfriends in a cafe, while everywhere they will be more than appropriate and help you feel confident, stylish and sexy.

Reliability and wear resistance

Each of us has experienced problems with pilling, weak and fraying fabric, quick hooks and diverging zippers. We understand how unpleasant it is to be in an awkward situation because of a bad thing, so we have done everything to ensure that this never happens to you. We took care of the density of the fabric and its characteristics, which are confirmed by certificates. So, you can be sure that you choose high-quality women’s trousers, pants or skirt.

Photos on models

In modern realities, sellers still focus on thin, 40 size models with a sophisticated appearance, but progressive views on the beauty of different women call for choosing models with more natural figures, with respect for imperfect appearance, in order to give a reliable assessment of the cut, style, length and fit of the goods. Pay attention to those models that are more similar in shape to you, so you will increase the chances of a successful purchase. Therefore, we present our products, for example, women’s classic trousers with a high waist or a women’s pencil skirt with a high waist, on girls in sizes 42-44, and on models in size 50.


We are supporters of things that correspond to the present time. When shaping your wardrobe, pay attention to the selections of stylists and the possibility of combining a new item with your favorite products so that the purchase can please you with a large number of outings, and not sadly hanging in the closet. By the way, something else in terms of style: strict things are more durable, provided that they fit perfectly on you. So, for example, we presented women’s classic high-waisted trousers, but at the same time added a twist to them – the uneven length of the trousers in front and behind. And we know very well that the right cut emphasizes the inner content.

Fabric structure

Another very important point in our review, which cannot be ignored. Firstly, the composition stated in the product description must correspond to the real one, and secondly, let’s talk about the composition itself.

We used to think that the best things are made from natural fabrics. Let’s dispel this myth and see what viscose, polyester, polyamide and elastane are used for.

Properties specific to viscose, depend on what wood pulp is extracted from: from deciduous or coniferous trees. Yes, yes, now you know that viscose is made from trees. By the way, it is she who gives things some excellent characteristics: fabrics dry quickly; they are easy to iron; help repel dirt give strength and less wrinkle. That is why our model of women’s wide trousers contains viscose in its composition.

Polyester gives things incredible strength and durability, protects against discoloration, helps to remove any dirt even with light washing and allows things to remain in their original form. True, there are also disadvantages: in hot weather, clothes made of such material will be uncomfortable due to the high density and poor air transmission. We don’t recommend 100% polyester because of the static effect (which can really be solved with an anti-static agent), but we recommend it as an auxiliary fabric in the composition, as it helps resist moths, mold and guarantees a long life of your item. It is he who guarantees that you will not wear a thing with stretched elbows or knees.

Polyamide nicknamed breathable because it is breathable, and also responsible for ensuring that the thing does not shrink, is super elastic, surprises with its strength in weightlessness, and does not need to be ironed. This fabric is also flame retardant, but we hope that you will not need this information.

Elastane speaks for itself, it helps to return things to their original form with the ability to stretch them up to 8 times. It protects against fading in the sun (but not at work, so treat yourself with care), is resistant to oily liquids, sweat and cosmetics. To create perfectly body-friendly, soft, elastic palazzo pants for women, we used elastane in the composition.

Color palette

The basic wardrobe must be selected from modern classic things in soothing shades. Trendy bright and memorable things with prints are worn much less often, because they get bored faster. We have a very good sense of fashion and at the same time strive to present a timeless thing, such as our black striped skirt for women with a high waist. It would seem that striped wardrobe designs were popular in the US in the 1920s and 1940s, but this style remains a favorite of the sophisticated wardrobe.


The style slims or fills, emphasizes the bend or makes it flatter – this is a fact. You probably know that classic women’s trousers or a plaid skirt from different manufacturers will look different on you. You always have the opportunity to choose the best, do not hesitate. If you think that the thing is outdated or resembles a thing from the market, we advise you to refuse such a purchase. Believe me, it will not bring you joy, unlike a noble thing that changes your state to confidence and pride.

The size

Once upon a time, people bought clothes for growth or for the purpose of breaking them in. Believe me, now there is no such need, and the only thing you need to do is to know your curves well and navigate in the dimensional grid of the selected product. Ideally, the purchase should give the feeling that it fits like a glove and was made to your measurements.
The right size can’t hang and bulge in unnecessary places, and won’t make you refuse to breathe or eat too much. We have paid due attention to the size grid so that our products sit perfectly on you. Therefore, we openly show how our clothes sit on models 42-44 and 50 sizes.


A flashy large-sized logo in a conspicuous place is bad manners. Try to choose products that cause quiet envy, the desire to ask where you bought such a wonderful thing that emphasizes your dignity.

Real product photos

Wouldn’t want to get a pig in a poke, right? Many unscrupulous sellers retouch photos before selling them, making incorrect colors or changing the fit on models in Photoshop, moreover, they indicate the wrong composition in the product description. Also, the expectation may not coincide with reality, when instead of one product a completely different one comes, even far from being similar to the image. We don’t do that because we are honest. And for your convenience, we’ve even attached a product review video for you to explore the fit and design in detail (you can watch both the product video and the item’s detail video review).

Reputation and contact of the seller

Be sure to pay attention to responsiveness, answering questions and resolving conflict situations. A good seller should be on the side of the client, be honest and think about not just selling a product, but about offering a product of such quality and style that a satisfied buyer will return for a new purchase. And he will definitely thank you for the purchase, review and photos. Perhaps he will even please you with a surprise or a gift that will be a pleasant reminder of the perfect purchase.

Real reviews with photos and answers to questions about the product

Speaking about the Wildberries platform, one cannot fail to point out the advantages of feedback on each of the products. Pay attention to the dates of the reviews and be guided by the latest ones, this will give you an idea of ​​the quality of the current batch.

Choose convenience or beauty?

We do not consider it necessary to choose between these two categories, because we only really fall in love with comfortable things that make us feel their beauty. Our women’s trousers, skirts, shirts and other women’s wardrobe items are the perfect combination of comfort and beauty.

Ease of care

Pay attention to the order of care so that wool sweaters do not fit your cat, and joggers do not stretch over two meters. Try to take things from demanding fabrics to dry cleaning, even if this is sometimes difficult to do. And of course it’s great if there is a time saving – the possibility of washing in a washing machine, like all our things. It will delight you in quick care.

Buying a new thing should give you joy and self-confidence.

We are very well versed in all these subtleties, because this is what helps us create high-quality women’s clothing, the elements of which become the highlights of the wardrobe of thousands of ladies who have already trusted us. And we will be glad if you like us and repost our article so that as many people as possible learn how to choose high-quality women’s clothing that will delight their beautiful owners.

Thank you for loving yourself and choosing noble Arabella Buonarroti items for your wardrobe!

With love,

Arabella Buonarroti


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