“Cushion” comes from the French word coussin, which refers to small sofa cushions. And what about makeup? Now we will tell.

Until recently, this word was not spoken about by anyone. Today it is one of the main beauty trends in the beauty world. Cushion is a special two-level format of cosmetic products with a permeable partition between them. At the top level, right under the lid of the case, there is a soft sponge, which, when pressed, is easily saturated with the agent hidden on the bottom level. This special sponge does not look like other makeup puffs, but rather like a small soft pillow – hence the name.

Cushion has several advantages at once, which provided him with a whole army of fans both among ordinary “users” and among professional makeup artists.

  1. Cushion is a foundation plus a convenient applicator in one case. Moreover, the applicator allows you to collect the product in a dosed manner – not in excess, but in the amount necessary for application. Thanks to this, it is possible to distribute the product in a very thin layer, which ensures a natural result. W
  2. Compactness. A small case is convenient to carry with you to be able to touch up the tone anywhere if necessary.
  3. Another undoubted plus is ease of use: this foundation can be recommended even to those with makeup on “you”. To learn how to evenly distribute the tone with a brush or fingers, you need some skill, but with a cushion it is easy to do. It will provide a perfectly even and delicate coating in just one stroke.
  4. Caring ingredients are added to the composition of the cushions, which help to avoid dry skin on the cheeks, moisturize and nourish the skin.
  5. Cushions give an even tone – this is not just a foundation, but a light fluid that is evenly distributed on the surface of the skin in a thin layer and gently evens it out without creating an unnatural effect;
  6. Cushion perfectly copes with the role of decorative cosmetics, easily evening out skin tone, masking imperfections, giving a fresh and healthy look to the skin.


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