Very soon, everyone’s favorite summer will come, the season of outdoor recreation, fishing, family gatherings in the country, hiking trips. Of course, at such moments you want something unusual and tasty, and he can help us with this – a cauldron.

A cauldron is a universal camping utensil in which you can cook whatever your heart desires: delicious pilaf; a variety of stews with meat and vegetables; roast; rich ear; goulash; juicy ribs; hearty field porridge with fresh vegetables. It is incredibly convenient that all these delicious dishes can be prepared in one dish.

Multifunctional cauldrons can be used for cooking on stoves of any type, on an open fire, a fire, a barbecue, on a special oven for cauldrons.

With the help of a cauldron, you can feed both a small family and a large noisy company, because cauldrons come in a wide variety of sizes from 5 to 30 liters. The most optimal volume of a cauldron is 10 liters – it will not leave the whole company hungry. You need to focus on the following proportions: 1 person u003d 1 liter of volume. But still, we advise even for a small family to choose a larger cauldron: the larger the cauldron, the more heat it gives to the dish, so the dish cooks faster and turns out juicier and tastier.

What are the cauldrons and how to choose the one that is right for you? One of the most popular types are the cast-iron Uzbek cauldron and the Afghan aluminum cauldron. What is the difference between them?

Cast iron Uzbek cauldron – a tough nut to crack among cauldrons

A cast iron cauldron with an aluminum lid evenly distributes heat over the entire surface of the dish, and also retains heat for a long time. However, the process of cooking in such a cauldron takes a little longer.

Aluminum covers have a small mass and less thermal inertia. The die-cast aluminum lid has a sufficiently high thermal conductivity, which speeds up the cooking process, and it is also resistant to deformation and high temperatures.

The hemispherical shape of the cauldron was invented in order to heat up not only the bottom, but also the ribs of the vessel. With this form, food warms up faster and stays hot for a long time, and also languishes rather than fried. A flat bottom allows you to cook in the kitchen at any time of the year.

A huge plus of a cast-iron cauldron is that it is durable. By purchasing such a cauldron, you can be sure that it will be passed down from generation to generation and delight your family for a long time to come. And if you compare the cost of such a cauldron and its service life, it turns out that this is a very profitable purchase.

In the process of cooking in a cauldron, carcinogens and toxins are not formed, and the oil penetrating into the pores of cast iron creates a non-stick film, so the dish does not burn.

Caring for an Uzbek cauldron is simple, it is enough to follow certain recommendations: wash the cauldron in warm water without detergents, wipe it dry and spread it with vegetable oil. This is necessary so that the cast iron does not rust due to the air. Be sure to store the cauldron in a dry place.

Afghan cauldron is the best friend of tourist travelers

A worthy alternative to a cast iron cauldron is an aluminum cauldron. The aluminum Afghan cauldron is much lighter than its cast-iron prototype. It is very convenient to take it with tourists on trips, where every gram is worth its weight in gold, and it takes up little space.

Aluminum heats up faster, but it also cools down faster. This complicates the languishing process, however, due to its unique lid, the Afghan cauldron can be used as a pressure cooker. Thanks to the airtight lid, high steam pressure is generated inside the pot, so food cooks twice as fast. However, Afghan cauldrons are equipped with an emergency valve, and if the pressure inside the cauldron becomes critical, the valve will automatically work and displace excess steam.

An aluminum cauldron retains vitamins and nutrients; food prepared in this way will help you maintain proper nutrition without losing the taste of the dish.

Cooking with an aluminum cauldron saves the energy of the hostess and valuable time that you can spend with your family. But you can be sure that you will not find more tender and tastier meat cooked in such a pressure cooker anywhere else.

The Afghan cauldron is very easy to use, it is enough to carefully store it in a dry place. A very important point – when using this dish, it is recommended not to load it “to the eyeballs”, food can clog the emergency valve, which will lead to a quick failure of the cauldron.

Whichever cauldron you choose for yourself and your family, each of them must be prepared for use – ignited before use. By purchasing our cauldron, you will receive detailed and understandable instructions for firing, as well as instructions for storing and caring for the cauldron, so that it fully meets your expectations and pleases you with cooked culinary masterpieces for a long time).


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