Every living being needs a comfortable, cozy and safe home!

The owners of rodents who love their pets try to create good conditions in the cages for rodents by placing various devices for games and recreation!

A rodent hammock is one of the most important devices for the comfort of an animal!

A hammock is a comfortable bed for a rodent, which increases the usable area of ​​the cage, forming an additional floor.

Pros of a hammock for rodents:

  1. Versatility: can serve as a house for rodents, a swing, a shelter, a place to sleep and rest, and everything that the animal wants!

  2. Saving floor space!
  3. Use for entertainment and games (rocker)
  4. Ease of care
  5. It is convenient to leave the animal in the cage, putting it on a hammock during cleaning in the cage, when changing the bedding.

Benefits of HappyMouse pet hammocks:

  • Made from hypoallergenic fleece.
  • The material of the pet hammock allows air to pass through, but at the same time it retains heat very well!
  • Fastening in the cage with reliable, metal carabiners (impossible to gnaw through)
  • The bed has an optimal size (29*24 cm) for rodents of small and medium size
  • Versatility – fits in any cage for rodents
  • The lounger has a pocket (hole) where the animal can hide, sleep (a full-fledged hanging house for rodents)
  • Easy to care for (the rodent hammock is machine washable up to 40 degrees)

– Handmade!
– Production – Russia!

The need for a hammock in a cage for rodents is obvious!

We hope that you will please your pets by ordering a wonderful hammock for rodents from the HappyMouse brand!

Each HappyMouse pet hammock is handcrafted with love for your pets!


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