“There are no well-groomed hands without beautiful nails. Beautiful hands are a sign of a real lady” Emanuel Bear.

When communicating with people, we always pay attention to the appearance, including the well-groomed hands. In our time, this is an integral part of the life of not only a woman who loves herself, but also a man, since a presentable appearance is a visiting card for entering society.

It is impossible not to say that the assortment on store shelves and an impressive range of personal care services are now actively expanding! We choose for ourselves only the best and most practical, it is important for us to understand what we pay our money for. But the good quality of the work of a professional, the equipment for its implementation cannot be cheap, but let’s not forget that for use at home, we can get by with more budget accessories.

We have found for you a balanced and optimal brand store in its price segment YANINA.TI, where you will be offered various products for manicure and pedicure. We all know that in order to achieve a good manicure, cutters for a manicure apparatus are needed. In the shop YANINA.TI There are different sets of cutters that are perfectly balanced in their composition and will delight you with a great price. The master of manicure and pedicure will find for himself a concise, designer manicure stand for hands. Believe me, your customers will not disregard such a stylish, and most importantly necessary accessory for work. And for home use, especially for those who like to do beauty procedures for their nails without leaving home, you will like a compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner for manicure. “What is it for?” – you ask, so that when processing the cuticle and cutting off the nail layer, you do not have to collect all the flying dust manually. Such a budget manicure hood will do it for you!


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