In winter, women have many problems and inconveniences with their hair. Hair becomes weaker, thinner and more vulnerable, and in extreme cases, flaking, itching of the scalp and even hair loss can begin. SIBERINA will tell you how to help.

Winter, especially long, is a real test for skin and hair. Dry air, temperature changes, synthetic clothes cause a lot of trouble – the hair is dehydrated, electrified, broken, and becomes very dry at the ends. But the scalp can behave differently: become both more greasy and drier.

To prevent these typical winter problems and keep your hair in good shape until spring, it is very important to correct your usual care with the onset of sub-zero temperatures: replace moisturizers with nourishing ones, use products from special winter series to protect curls from frost.

As you already understood, the main winter problem is dryness. Everything dries, from the ends of the hair to the top of the head. And the fact that in some girls the hair becomes more greasy at low temperatures outside the window, oddly enough, dryness is also to blame: the scalp is forced to defend itself from it, producing more sebum than usual. It is logical that care should be built on products aimed at moisturizing.

We present several options shampoos from SIBERINA: “For dry hair”, “For greasy hair”, “For normal hair”, “For volume”, “To strengthen and thicken hair”, “Color Protection” for colored hair and “Hypoallergenic” – For sensitive scalp prone to allergies. Choose a product depending on the type of your hair and their needs.

An interesting format of the usual product for washing your hair – solid shampoo concentrate. Main advantages: convenient form, good foam, concentrated formula with natural oils and extracts, economical consumption. The shampoo is packaged in a mesh bag, making it easy to use, dry and store in the bathroom. We have several types of solid shampoos aimed at solving different hair problems: for example, “For volume and growth”, “Deep Hydration”, “Color Protection and Recovery”. All of them are perfect for winter use!

Be sure to pair with shampoo hair balm – it will facilitate combing and help smooth the curls along the entire length. Our choice – natural balms “For dry hair”, “For oily hair”, “For normal hair”, “For volume”, “Color Protection” and “To strengthen and thicken hair.”

Have you chosen basic care? Excellent. True, one shampoo and balm is not enough here. Hair and scalp will need to be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and moisturized. The main thing is to do it correctly. Here are some basic rules:

Do not wash your hair with too hot water It dries out both scalp and hair. The water should be warm, at a comfortable temperature for you.

If possible, refrain from using a hair dryer and dry your hair naturally. Do you use curling irons, irons and other styling tools? Be sure to use thermal protection.

Do not forget about hair masks, especially nutritious – in winter they will be very relevant. The recommended frequency is once a week. We recommend natural masks from SIBERINA: “Moisturizing” for dry and normal hair, “Cleansing” for oily hair and “To increase shine and smoothness of hair”.

Try another cool complementary treatment – oil “To strengthen hair”. The combination of natural oils (shea, sesame, almond and burdock) has many nutrients that, being absorbed into the scalp and hair, fill the entire structure of the strands, restore and strengthen, give elasticity, flexibility and shine.

Get a massage. Massage the entire surface of the scalp with the pads of your fingers, moving from the hairline on the forehead to the back of the head. This should be done immediately before washing, as massage can stimulate the production of sebum.

Go to the hairdresser regularly. Even if you’re growing your hair out, trimming split ends is essential to minimize dryness and stop further damage to your strands.

· Wear a hat. And if you have long hair, add a hood to the hat, otherwise the frost will dry the strands. Frosty air causes spasm of the vessels of the scalp, which threatens at least slow growth, and even hair loss.

And, of course, use high-quality natural hair products – they will help you maintain the beauty and health of your hair in any season!


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