When choosing winter outerwear for children, many parents still believe that the thicker the jacket, the warmer the child will be. Perhaps, once it really was so – we all remember kids in heavy fur coats or uncomfortable overalls, and even wrapped in shawls and scarves. It is especially bad for children of large build. Depending on the features of the figure and how active the child is on the street, you need to select outerwear.

Now manufacturers of children’s clothing prefer new modern materials. For children of a dense physique, but who do not sit still for a second, Arctic Kids releases a light and comfortable winter jacket.


The upper side of the jacket is made of membrane fabric, which has excellent water-repellent and windproof properties. Having piled up enough in snowdrifts or played snowballs, the child will remain dry. Even heavy snowfall or sleet will not be terrible. In addition, the membrane is treated with special impregnations with dirt-repellent properties.

As a heater in the model, Thinsulein is used – a light and thin material of a new generation with great thermal protection. Thinsulein is a strong and durable filler that does not deform or wrinkle during use. The amount of insulation in the jacket is 300 g/sq.m – this is enough to protect the body from frost down to -30 degrees.

Fleece lining on the back and chest adds comfort to the body. After all, fleece has a unique ability to warm even when wet, if suddenly the child sweats.


The wide, fitted cut of the jacket is especially well suited for children of large build. The absence of belts and drawstrings in the waist area will allow the child to feel free and at ease. Two capacious pockets are convenient to use for storing small things that children need, for example, mittens, a handkerchief. Pockets close with strong zip fasteners.


The unusual style of the hood covers the throat from the cold – such an additional “collar” is securely fixed with buttons. The volume is sufficient to easily put the hood on the hat. Small inserts with elastic along the hem provide a snug “fit” and will not allow the hood to fly off during a gust of wind.


A straight zipper runs down the center of the jacket. On the collar of the jacket there is a special protection in the form of a fabric valve – when fastening the zipper will not pinch the chin. Taking off the jacket after a frosty walk, the child will be more comfortable holding on to the fabric puller than just the metal slider.

Wind deflector

An internal windproof strip runs along the zipper, which does not allow cold wind to pass through the links of the fastener.

Lapels and cuffs

The lower part of the sleeves of the jacket is decorated with knitted cuffs that block the access of frosty air to the body. When purchasing a jacket for growth, the length of the sleeve can be adjusted with lapels.

Color spectrum

Thanks to the abstract coloring, coupled with a bright monochromatic lining, the jacket looks fashionable and stylish. Picking the right winter pants is not a big deal.

Years of experience in the manufacture of children’s clothing has allowed Arctic Kids to release a winter jacket that takes into account the needs of children of large build. We are sure that this model will give the child comfort and joy during walks in frosty winter.


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